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Hello, writers. I’m afraid things are still going downhill around here… My mental focus is a bit off, and the only thing I could come up with when I tried to think about WO was the thought that last week’s challenge showed that several WO regulars were fascinated by libraries.

Not much to go on, so with apologies, I reprise a WO from a couple years back, with the addition of Libraries.


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One thing you might look for when you’re revising a manuscript is whether your characters are acting like reasonable people.

When a crisis arises, reasonable people don’t let themselves be distracted by petty annoyances and hostilities. Reasonable people work together to overcome adversity.

This seldom happens IRL, and it makes for very dull fiction.

If you really want to have fun writing, put two characters together who are bound to annoy each other. In fact, let’s try that now.

Remember the Callow Youth?

A callow youth (male or female) is the Chosen One who must obtain the sacred jewel of Togwogmagog in order to save the kingdom.
‘Course you do.

Tonight’s challenge:

There’s this library.

To find the map that leads to the swamp where dwelleth the transom alligator who guards the Least Grebe who knows the location where the Jewel was last seen, our Callow Youth must go to the library

(and there’s something kind of strange about this library, by the way)

and consult the most annoying librarian C.Y. could possibly imagine.

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