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“We wanted to know who her owner was, and we wanted to know how much he got for her.... She might have outlived her usefulness on the plantation,” Limbaugh declared. “I mean, [you] never know, child-rearing years are over so maybe her value had plummeted.” ~Limbaugh, February 14, 2013 in reference to Black US Congresswoman, Shelia Jackson Lee

He thinks he's getting away with comments like this. He's not. Last month I published a diary about his sponsors leaving, http://www.dailykos.com/... and it received over 18k facebook likes/shares. People are hungry - starving to see him go, and thousands of consumers are contacting his sponsors via StopRush.net and signing petitions like the one below. Organizations like Daily Kos, UniteWomen.org, Planned Parenthood, Media Matters and other groups, are exposing Limbaugh for who and what he is. His behavior is that of a racist, sexist, gay-hating, lying bigot. This is not me, 'name-calling'. This is truth in media, and backed up by Limbaugh's very own words in audio/video.  

The good news? In one month, over 300 more sponsors have pulled ads, now totaling over 2,500. (This does not count the 800 or so who have 'left quietly') Limbaugh now averages a loss of 10 sponsors per day. To make up for these sponsorship losses, it is known he has been subsidized by outside sources including FreedomWorks (backed by the Tea Party). And I'm betting he is having to subsidize himself, to stay on the air.

What's it going to take? We need more sponsor contact, we need a public outcry, and we need help from the FCC for regulations broken. Some rebuff,"Freedom of Speech!" And to that I say,"Amen!" However, many of us don't believe The First Amendment was created to guarantee a hate monger like Limbaugh, his own radio show on our public airways, to stage and promote racism and misogyny while making millions.
No, I don't think that is what We The People had in mind.
So we continue to work on this, one brick at a time. Here are some sponsoring universities. Take a moment to respectfully tweet, fb message, or email a couple of sentences to them. Or you can sign this petition that is sent to, up to 40 sponsors at a time. http://www.change.org/.... It feels pretty good, because it's something we can actually do. Regardless of how long it takes for Limbaugh, with each contact, we are telling companies, universities, media and people around the world, we will no longer sit back. Enough.
Since writing this diary, FOUR of the universities previously listed have arranged to pull all ads from Limbaugh's show. They have been removed. This is how it works!

Loma Linda University Medical Center
Twitter: @Loma_Linda_U

University Hospital & Medical Center
Twitter: @Uhmchca

University of Cincinnati
Twitter: @uofcincy
(Email for President's Staff) Marianne.Kunnen-Jones@uc.edu ; Lawrence.Lampe@uc.edu ; Lindsey.Dolan@uc.edu; Ryan.Hays@uc.edu

University of Phoenix
Twitter: @uopx

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Twitter: @chanthorp

Central Piedmont Community College
Twitter: @cpcc

Hillsdale College / rushforhilsdale.com
Twitter: @Hillsdale

(Data Courtesy of the StopRush Project)

Visti: StopRush http://stoprush.net/...
Join: FlushRush: https://www.facebook.com/...
Sign: This petition is sent to 35+ sponsors at a time http://www.change.org/...
Join: Boycott Rush Limbaugh Sponsors...:https://www.facebook.com/...

Thank you, Richard Myers. We are finishing this. Rest In Peace.
(Thank you Freya, Joy, G, Kitty, Lisa, certainot, Flush Rush and special thanks to Being Liberal and all the activist facebook organizations for the shout-outs on their pages)

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Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 04:29 AM PST.

Also republished by Sluts.

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