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Welcome once again to Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up.

Every Sunday evening, at 8:30 New York time / 5:30 California time, we have a puzzle party featuring puzzles suitable for group solving. That's tomorrow night.

And every Saturday evening, at 8:30 New York time / 5:30 California time, we have a warm-up party to help folks get their brains in gear for Sunday. That's what this is.

If you haven't taken part in Sunday Puzzle before, tonight's diary is a good opportunity to become familiar with the kinds of puzzles we feature there. On tap tonight: a new Crypto-Gremlin and a new JulieCrostic. Come on down and try your hand.


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Alas, pucklady probably can't be here with us tonight; she'll be at the LA Kossacks meet-up. But she'll be here in spirit (and, perhaps, she can recruit some of the other people at the meet up to come by for future puzzles).

Tonight we've got a special Valentine's Week JulieCrostic for you to enjoy. But first, how about a Rush Limbaughy Crypto-Gremlin...?

Pu cheddz fam'oy beph obh rhmhckz oa khoa tacihfz jyqa senayoh Rush Lumbagh nhumkh temy nanlocyvouamuloe jelly — bh'lh nhhma faumka xuoe la damku, bulh nylumhllz vecfla ieddh beph Nanlocyvouamuloe Jelly qcumohfe pelu bulh iagguvuedh ouodh...


The bolded text is a quotation; the unbolded text identifies the source.

NOTE: if you don't know what Crypto-Gremlins are and how they differ from regular cryptograms, you'll find a full explanation here.

Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party /

And now, here's tonight's JulieCrostic.

NOTE: If you're new and don't know what JulieCrostics are, don't panic. A full explanation of how these puzzles work, including an example of a solved puzzle, appeard directly below the clues for tonight's puzzle.)

NOTE: The original clue # 2 didn't work, so I've edited in one that does. Hat tip to science for suggesting the new clue!

If you'd like to solve the puzzle along with others: set comments to EXPAND and AUTO REFRESH, say hi to your teammates on the solving team, and enjoy the party.

If you'd like to solve tonight's puzzle on your own: set comments to SHRINK so you'll only see subject lines rather than any spoiler comments, copy down the puzzles, and have fun. (But please take a moment to leave a comment so we'll know you were here.)

 1. make
 2. person who doesn't play by the rules
 2. What I've got
 3. Maya Angelou, William Golding, and Art Garfunkel

 4. KKK and Westboro Baptist Church
 5. circular decorations
 6. endures hard time and comes through it

 7. commonly used herb
 8. Bel Air, Malibu, and Tahoe
 9. accomplishes

10. sample of cloth
11. keeps an eye on
12. campaign fund

13. gems
14. tool for holding things together
15. records

Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party /

How to solve JulieCrostics

For those of you unfamiliar with this kind of puzzle, what you do is solve the clues and write the answers in rows. In tonight's puzzle there are 5 rows with 3 answers per row.

Each word in a row contains all the letters of the previous word, plus one new letter. Write the added letters in the space between the word which doesn't have it and the word which does. The vertical columns created by the added letters will spell out a word or phrase.

As an example of how this works, here are the clues and answers to last week's puzzle:

Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party /

last week's puzzle:

 1. physical love
 2. have sex
 3. game in which players kick a ball

 4. acts like Arpaio
 5. the part of a step that you don't step on
 6. more optimistic

 7. frolic
 8. walk heavily
 9. speedy

10. syndicated cartoonist
11. political assembly
12. extremely

13. long journey
14. one who partakes of pot
15. novelist who died 101 years ago

16. Biblical king
17. type of drugs used in treatment of burns, wounds, infections -- and acne
18. blemishes

19. is not feeling well
20. kite feature
21. lags behind

22. quantity of wood
23. combination of notes
24. flower named after balls

25. happy expression
26. limerick lady's home
27. get back

28. Marie or Mary Woods
29. lesions
30. Mitt Romney, Allen West, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock

the answer  to last week's puzzle:
eros  C  score  C  soccer
errs  I  riser  O  rosier
romp  T  tromp  P  prompt
Rall  T  rally  E  really
trek  O  toker  S  Stoker
Saul  F  sulfa  T  faults
ails  T  tails  R  trails
cord  H  chord  I  orchid
grin  E  Niger  A  regain
Rose  S  sores  L  losers
The verticals read CITYOFTHES  COPESTRIAL.  When properly spaced that spells out CITY OF THE SCOPES TRIAL aka Dayton, TN, where we had a meeting last Saturday to discuss ways to deal with two proposed underground coal mines. (A couple of sites you might be interested in visiting, especially if you live in Tennessee: Dayton Coal Mine and No To Coal.)
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