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TRIGGER WARNING: Reading this post will give you nightmares.

I'm not kidding.

This post is about a subject so heinous it didn't take riots to have an investigation started.

This post will cover the Kelly Thomas beating murdered by Fullerton police. There has been a video interview by his lawyer showing the medical examiners report. And watching that too will be traumatic.

The abattoir begins after the fleur de kos


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Here is the original video:

The medical examiners report was detailed by the lawyer.

The Blue Wall was quick to form:

Fullerton City Councilman Bruce Whitaker says he now has "every reason to believe" there has been a cover-up within the city's police department in the Kelly Thomas beating case, though he adds he "can't prove it at this point."

In an interview with PBS SoCal scheduled to air Sept. 20, Whitaker said the internal information he has received about the beating has been "extremely misleading" and "might be an intentional misrepresentation."

He added that he suspects much of the inaccurate information was based on "false police reports based on the six officers involved."

"I told the city manager that I'm angry that we've been lied to internally and that I can't rely upon official sources of information. And I said there needs to be a consequence for that," Whitaker told PBS SoCal reporter David Nazar.

The Fullerton Police Department has faced sharp criticism in the aftermath of the July 5 beating of Thomas, a mentally ill, homeless man. Thomas died of his injuries five days after the incident, which involved six officers.

Here a woman claims an officer removed the film from her camera thus ruining every picture on the roll!:

What amazed me the most about this video recorded murder was that the people at the transit center though traumatized and horrified allowed it to continue. That is when I started thinking about consent to police and how close we are coming to be in a state of anarchy if we don't get more accountability of our police forces.

I like the Malcolm X Movement's platform regarding police reform:

 Los Angeles specific demands:

        We call for an independent investigation into the numerous allegations made by Christopher Dorner against specific named individuals, as well as his general allegations of police conduct, and the charges of nepotism that he contends surrounded his firing.

        We call for an independent commission to investigate the documented abuses of the LAPD and to hear unfiled claims of racial discrimination and abuse against the department, and to try the department before a Federal court to provide redress for the victims.

        We call for the immediate institutionalization of a Police Control Board in the city of Los Angeles directly elected by the people, which possesses the power to monitor, review, and change all racist policies and procedures, and to fire, subpoena, and try offending police officers.

    National demands:

        We call for the institutionalization of Police Control Boards that are directly elected by the people.

        We call for the elimination of the Police Bill of Rights and the numerous civil service rules and judicial policies and procedures that give the police anonymity, freedom from having their behavior recorded and virtual immunity from accountability and prosecution.

        We call for the end to the various polices of containment such as racial profiling, stop and frisk, gang injunctions, secure communities, etc.

        We demand the demilitarization of domestic law enforcement, including eliminating the use of Drones and various surveillance operations and institutions.

        We call for the redirection of military funding to social programs, such as public education, housing, health care, public transportation, and grassroots-controlled programs to prevent domestic and intra-communal violence.

        We call for the institutionalization of a National Plan of Action for Racial Justice to combat racism and racial discrimination in the institutions of government and the social relations that shape the economy.

    Organize and Take Action! The system will change, only when we make it change.

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