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U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) addresses the final session of the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida August 30, 2012. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES &nbsp;- Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)
Depends on what you mean by "different." Different could mean exactly the same!
Per TPM, Sen. Marco Rubio is struggling to find major differences between the bipartistan Senate immigration reform he supports and the White House draft proposal that he proclaims is dead on arrival:
“Our policy folks spent the last few hours going through the WH’s legislative proposal [and] have found major differences between what the President is proposing and what Sen. Rubio and the bipartisan group of Senators have agreed to,” Rubio spokesman Alex Conant wrote in a memo to reporters on Tuesday.

Conant said the administration proposal was “not a permanent solution” because it lacked either a guest worker program or an alternative program to deal with future immigrant workers. While the White House did include a number of new border security measures, Conant reiterated Rubio’s insistence that a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants only go into effect after the border security portion of a bill is implemented. “If passed, the US would likely have millions of new illegal immigrants in the future,” Conant wrote of the Obama proposal.

So basically the White House's draft didn't include a guest worker program and Rubio differs with the White House on when the citizenship trigger takes effect. That's it, Senator? Because the President has more than once said he favors a guest worker program, so there is no difference there. It is a draft proposal after all. That leaves the only point of contention on when the path to citizenship becomes available.

But on all the major items, namely the DREAM Act, a path to citizenship for those here illegally, clearing background checks, learning English, border security and going to the back of line, there is agreement between President Obama and Rubio. That's the meat of the bill and that is the part that conservative Republicans oppose. They oppose the DREAM Act, they oppose the path to citizenship. Their position, as evidenced by the 2012 Republican primary, is self-deportation.

If this was Rubio's attempt to separate from the president on immigration reform, this latest press release from his office didn't do the trick. By omission, they reveal the truth of the matter: Rubio is running from immigration reform because he can't convince his party to support it.


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