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A recent report by the Columbia Journalism Review seems to point out that the Texas media's coverage of the details of gun laws in Texas is deficient. It seems the local media really only carries talking points from politicians when it comes to gun laws. Who would have though that this could be the case?

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In one specific example concerning the proposed laws to have teachers carry firearms, the review states this:

Among CJR’s enumerated failures was a lack of statistics on violence in Texas, and few reports on the numerous past firearm violations by Texas educators. According to CJR, more than 1,000 had violations in the past year, resulting in loss of teaching or firearm licenses.

-Houston Chronicle

Think about it. Before Texas has even instituted the laws to have teachers carry guns, or to teach students to use them, the instructors themselves have already violated the law concerning gun uses by a significant number. If anybody wants to take a pool that this number goes up, not down, if Texas continues its trend of putting even more guns into the hands of people, I'll wager that the numbers favor escalated violations and reprimands.

As a general rule, the CJR recommends that local media start becoming more specific with hard numbers concerning gun statistics. Sometimes it helps to have some numbers if front of you to realize just how bad a situation is.


Thanks to the posters in the comments, we have at least a few examples of why we need gun research to happen now, as well as examples of how schools have already prompted teachers to take up weaponry, at least on individual county levels.

Thanks to Catte Nappe for this report and this one too, both describing the number of teachers now carrying concealed weaponry to schools (remembering the statistics just cited by the CJR!)

We need to have statistical research done, hard numbers need to be out there, and people need to know that the same teachers carrying concealed weapons may be the ones in that list of 1,000 that just had to be punished for wrongful use of their weaponry.

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Originally posted to DAISHI on Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 09:17 AM PST.

Also republished by TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans.

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