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Good morning! It's Sunday, and it's also Oscar day. Once upon a time I used to try to see every single nominated film (I never actually succeeded), but these days I rarely go to films, even with the coolest theater in all of L.A. right down the street. However, thanks to the magic of "For Your Consideration" DVDs, I actually managed to squeeze in a few this year. Hell, I'd watch it anyway, and follow it on Twitter, because it's fun.

Anyway, the questions today are all movie related.


What is your favorite drama of all time? What is your favorite comedy of all time? What is your favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy/FX film of all time? What is your favorite musical of all time? What actor and actress to you can do no wrong? What is your favorite song that you were introduced to in a movie? And a special bonus question for movie geeks: Fave costume designer (I know not all of you will be able to answer this).

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On This Day

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar.

In 1803, in Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court established the principle of judicial review.

In 1821, Mexico declared its independence from Spain.

In 1863, Arizona was organized as a territory. They are still pretty territorial these days. Maybe they should all just spray along the border instead of building a fence.

In 1868, the House of Representatives impeached President Andrew Johnson following his attempt to dismiss Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton; the Senate later acquitted Johnson.

In 1920, the Nazi party was founded (under the name of the German Workers Party).

In 1945, American soldiers liberated the Philippine capital of Manila from Japanese control during World War II.

In 1981, Buckingham Palace announced the engagement of Britain's Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer.

In 2006, NASA said 2005 was the warmest year in more than a century of record-keeping.

Born on This Day

1463 - Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Italian humanist (d. 1494)


1500 - Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1558)


1836 - Winslow Homer, American artist (d. 1910)


1863 - Franz Stuck, German painter (d. 1928)


1874 - Honus Wagner, American baseball player (d. 1955)

1885 - Chester Nimitz, U.S. admiral (d. 1966)

1885 - Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, Polish writer and painter (d. 1939)


1890 - Marjorie Main, American actress (d. 1975)

1914 - Weldon Kees, American poet, musician, artist (d. 1955)

1914 - Zachary Scott, American actor (d. 1965)


1921 - Douglass Watson, American actor (d. 1989)

1922 - Richard Hamilton, English painter (d. 2011)


1922 - Steven Hill, American actor

1928 - Barbara Lawrence, American actress

1938 - James Farentino, American actor (d. 2012)

1942 - Paul Jones, English singer (Manfred Mann and The Manfreds)

1942 - Joe Lieberman, weasel

1944 - Nicky Hopkins, British musician (d. 1994)

1945 - Barry Bostwick, American actor

1948 - Tim Staffell, English singer (Smile)

1950 - George Thorogood, American singer and guitarist

1954 - Plastic Bertrand, Belgian singer and songwriter

1955 - Steve Jobs, American computer pioneer (d. 2011)

1962 - Michelle Shocked, American musician

Died on This Day

1732 - Colonel Francis Charteris, known as "The Rape-Master General". (b. 1675)

1825 - Thomas Bowdler, English physician and editor, famous for "Bowlderizing." (b. 1754)

1930 - Jacobus van Looy, Dutch painter (b. 1855)


1970 - Conrad Nagel, American actor (b. 1897)


1982 - Virginia Bruce, American actress and singer (b. 1910)

Did someone send out the Bat Signal?

1990 - Malcolm Forbes, American publisher (b. 1917)

1990 - Johnnie Ray, American singer (b. 1927)

1994 - Dinah Shore, American actress and singer (b. 1916)

1998 - Henny Youngman, English-born comedian (b. 1906)

2006 - Octavia Butler, American author and MacArthur Foundation Fellow (b. 1947)

2006 - Don Knotts, American actor (b. 1924)

2006 - Dennis Weaver, American actor (b. 1924)

Today is

National Tortilla Chip Day
Estonian Independence Day
Flag Day (Mexico)

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