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What is it with private corporations these days?  During an era where we see bills introduced giving corporations voting rights while we see other bills introduced making it harder for the elderly, the disabled and minorities to vote.

Now we see Space X in the new millennium participating with a new type of Manifest Destiny and it’s rearing it’s ugly ahead again with the attempt to take land away from the indigenous, David Ruiz (part of the Cisneros family) and others.  A Rio Grand Valley reporter shows the documents provided by the Cisnero family and the Cisnero family has made contact with the federal government to this regard.  Steps are currently being taken in the legal arena to protect private land owners.

Why can’t Space X pick land that is for sale?

Why do they want land that is owned and protected by treaties?

The initial purpose of the Adams-Onis Treaty had much to do with stopping raids of the Native Americans and/or the indigenous.  According to the Library of Congress, “The Adams-Onís Treaty was negotiated in response to Andrew Jackson’s incursion into Florida to stop the raids of the Seminole Indians on U.S. settlements along the border. Signed on February 22, 1819, and ratified by the United States in 1821, the treaty granted to the United States Florida and former Spanish territory west of the Sabine River, along a new boundary line north of Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and California.”

The Adams-Onis Treaty isn’t the only treaty we have our eyes on ….we want to ensure the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is maintained, followed and respected, too.  According to the Library of U.S. Congress, “The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed by the United States and Mexico on February 2, 1848, ending the Mexican War and extending the boundaries of the United States by over 525,000 square miles. In addition to establishing the Rio Grande as the border between the two countries, the territory acquired by the U.S. included what will become the states of Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, most of New Mexico and Arizona, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming. In exchange Mexico received fifteen million dollars in compensation for the territory and the U.S. agreed to assume claims from private citizens of these areas against the Mexican government.”

From the Rio Grand Valley News:


SpaceX, the privately owned company out of California could be launching off in the future from property near Boca Chica beach. Brownsville, Florida, and Puerto Rico are in the running for the launch site.

    “What we don’t want is private industries and private corporations to come in and run our lands.” said Cameron County resident David Ruiz.

    David Ruiz is part of the Cisneros family, and he claims the proposed SpaceX launch site is on that family’s property.

    “We we born and raised here and we love this area this is our own.”

    Ruiz says the land is protected by a 19th century treaty.

    “Protected by the federal government through the Adams Onis treaty, it goes back to 1819 and my purpose here is we are trying to tell county government, the state, and city of Brownsville, that these lands are privately owned by the Cisneros family.”

    Dr. Anthony Knopp is a history professor at the University of Texas at Brownsville who is familiar with the Adams Onis treaty.


Manifest Destiny Map photo manifest.jpg

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