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Lately I've been facing a little bit of a challenge, a dichotomy, in the fact that, on the one hand, I'm not a religious type of person (because I see it as incompatible with reason and intellect), and, on the other, I've been feeling kind of "spiritual" about what I see as the possibility that the much-talked-about and expected (mainly by the New Age folks) worldwide awakening which will raise the human consciousness to a higher ground is about to start, and that, once it does, it will spread like wildfire!

Maybe I need some meds, but in the meantime I'll let this "feeling," this expectation, this "presentimiento," linger for a while, as it is what keeps me hopeful of the future, notwithstanding the reality of how bad things look right now.

And the funny thing is that being kind of a tech geek has helped me realize that that higher consciousness spreading will happen via copper wires, and servers, and switches, and routers, and fiber optic cables, via good-old information technology: IT.  Can we use that acronym for "Intelligence Transfer" as well?

People in the U.S. and France, and Italy and the U.K., and Germany and Spain and Portugal and Chile, and many other countries, have been rising up in protest against the imposition of oppression resulting from the influence and control over governments by powerful corporatist cartels.

Their modus operandi is very similar, and it all starts with the spread of propaganda: Billionaires secretly fund attacks on climate science.

There is the propaganda facilitated by corporate media conglomerates.  And of course there are the debased, treasonous, money-grabbing politicians who have literally sold their soul to the devil (here I go again with religious imagery...), choosing to take the easy route by accepting soft and hard bribes, and the public be damned.

And yes, these criminal corporatist cartels are connected, all acting motivated by "shared interests," interests that in the final analysis have the same effect of a conspiracy to defraud the populations.

And it is because of these dynamics that there is a certain cognitive dissonance among the population.  "Something" in us, innate, intuitive, tells us that there is something terribly wrong with the entire system, and yet we are being bombarded 24/7 with a spectacular amount of mind-numbing propaganda trying to convince us to accept totally absurd propositions as normal.

High crimes and misdemeanors have been codified into law as routine business operations as a result of the total takeover of the government by these nefarious corporatist cartels.  Predatory accumulation of wealth and power have now been institutionalized.  The dismantling of the proper business regulatory framework has continued apace as the result of politicians on-the-take doing their paymasters' bidding.

So there is the source of the cognitive dissonance.  We know there is something terribly wrong, but our senses are being bombarded with lies, false narratives, and misinformation, all carefully designed to (mentally) subjugate our own interests in favor of tiny group megalomaniacal and sociopathic individuals.

We live in a nation where doctors destroy health; lawyers destroy justice; universities destroy knowledge; governments destroy freedom; the press destroys information; religion destroys morals; and our banks destroy the economy.

- Chris Hedges

But, alas, what will happen when a large-enough number of people awaken to this reality (the real reality vs. the fake manufactured reality)?  What will happen when decent, hard-working, law-abiding citizens in the U.S. and France, and Italy and Greece and Spain and Germany, see the patterns of collusion clearly?

And, most importantly, what will happen when people realize that they have somehow been made to accept a false narrative crassly designed to squeeze as much productivity as possible form their own person, to be transferred to a tiny group of global sociopaths?

Could that be called a REVOLUTION?  That type of global awakening will be indeed revolutionary, and it would represent the biggest threat to these parasites of society.

We don't have to wait.  You and I can take action now!  Let's get creative.  Workers, activists, people of good will of the world, let's unite and share notes, come up with strategies to break the choke-hold these parasitic billionaires have on our societies.  Let's discuss ways of creating "virtual unions" so we can exchange ideas of spreading unionization far and wide.

Let's share notes and ideas and strategies about sane and sustainable economic theories.  How about the spread of employee-owned businesses, housing and food collectives?  How about finding ways to defund these parasitic corporatist cartels?

Let's put together a database of news about government corruption and malfeasance, which can then be analyzed to identify patterns, which will help us in combating the corruption at the root level.

Imagine first hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, and millions of people working together to help bring about a better world, after having all realized the source of the global scourge: the (shared interests) collusion of a tiny group of megalomaniacal global sociopaths hellbent on subjugating and exploiting the citizenry.

Yes, I understand... You read this and you doubt it's possible.  You may think that people are too caught up in materialism, and consumerism, and endless trash on TV, and games, and facebook, and all manner of distractions.  You may think that people are too apathetic to care.  I urge you to consider that that meta thought may be the direct result of the propaganda you've being subjected to.

I on the other hand believe to the core of my being that something big is going to happen, and that it can happen at any moment.  There is just so-much oppression and exploitation, and wars of choice for the benefit of war profiteers, to which people will let themselves be subjected before something gives.

I'll tell you what. I'd rather not take the meds if they're going to make me accept this absurd reality!  Plus, I hate all those big Pharma commercials peddling all manner of drugs...

Let's do this, together, neighborhood by neighborhood!  We can reach a higher ground together.



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