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So let me get this straight;  They are going to drop mice dosed with Tylenol from helicopters to kill the snakes?

So the first step is to make acetaminophen available to mice, then you show them Michelle Bachmann on Meet the Press, and then when they OD, you drop them out of helicopters.

No, this is not a joke (well the Bachmann thing is...):

In Guam, pest control is a little more complicated than buying a better mousetrap. In fact it can require a few helicopters.

To combat the invasive population of brown tree snakes, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services will air drop mice laced with the painkiller acetaminophen into the dense jungles on the island.

There are an estimated 2 million brown tree snakes on Guam with around 20 to 30 snakes infesting every acre of the island. The snakes showed up on the island after World War II, arriving on U.S. military ships from other parts of the Pacific war theater including Indonesia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Australia.

The snakes have decimated Guam's native bird population, wiping out nearly all species. Growing between three to ten feet, the snakes have affected humans by causing power outages and occasionally biting residents.

To fight the invading species the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services is planning to drop dead mice injected with acetaminophen over hundreds of acres across the island. The mice will be dosed with about 80 mg of the painkiller, which is also used in medications like Tylenol. In that amount the painkiller is fatal to snakes, but harmless to humans.

The mice will be attached to green streamers, which according to Reed look like something between "a couple of feet of crepe paper and toilet paper," that hook into the treetops where the brown tree snakes like to eat.

I feel a song coming on:
Fighting rodents from the sky
Fearless mice who jump and die
Mice who want to eat your cheese
The mice are so eager to please.
Continue to sing to the tune of the Ballad of the Green Beret.

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