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Dear Senate Republicans,

Congratulations on finally coming to your senses and confirming Robert E. Bacharach for a seat on the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

While this story probably won’t get much publicity, it is a shining example of pretty much everything that is wrong with our political system, and your party in particular. The honorable Mr. Bacharach has been a magistrate judge in the district since 1999, has received the highest rating from the American Bar Association, and was recommended for the position by two of your Republican senators from the district, Tom Coburn and James Inhofe. Despite lavishing unequivocal praise on the man however, after the recommendation was accepted by the President, your entire caucus—including the two guys who recommended him in the first place—decided to block his nomination for nearly nine months.


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I’m really curious why you all decided to do this. Clearly it wasn’t for the lack of work to be done there—the position has been vacant since July 2010, which almost certainly makes it difficult for the court to hear cases in a timely fashion. And clearly there weren’t really any legitimate concerns regarding the man’s qualifications; when his appointment was finally voted on, he was confirmed 93-0. So what could possibly be the cause, other than pure obstructionism and partisan politicking (and not particularly well thought out partisan politicking at that)?

Judge Bacharach deserved better than this. The people of this country deserve better than this.  It is time to stop the political games and start doing the job you were elected to do. For if you continue to put your own interests over the interests of the people, you will not long retain any sort of relevance.

Thanks for Your Concern,


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