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State Senator Dan Hall (R- Burnsville) from Minnesota finally spoke and inserted his foot in his mouth.
Poor Pastor Dan Hall, his hatred for gays does not allow him to see beyond this group of degenerate, commie, hypocritical left wing crazies to see facts.

Senator Hall observed his first term very quietly, hardly ever speaking on the Senate floor. We now know why. Even his greatest accomplishment was a bust. He authored legislation last year to tighten disclosure laws on government employee payouts. The bill passed unanimously, however he left a loophole one could drive a truck through.

After Democratic Senators (and 1 Republican) introduced a bill that would legalize gay marriage in Minnesota, 13 Republicans stood up at a press conference to denounce he bill.

House Member Glen (Lets do it because it works in my rural district) Gruenhagen says he knows that it is a lie that gays don't have a choice to be gay. He must be some sort of an expert.

This was followed by my favorite Comment

Sen. Dan Hall, a pastor, says he'd go to jail before marrying a gay couple. But the bill has an exemption that no church would be forced to perform gay weddings.
Here is the Bill - SF No. 925
   Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 363A.26, is amended to read:

1.20(3) taking any action with respect to the provision of goods, services, facilities, or
1.21 accommodations directly related to the solemnization or celebration of a marriage that is
1.22     in violation of its religious beliefs.

Could someone show me the place in the bill where religious leaders are going to be locked up for following their conscience?

I have no problem if someone wants to be a Homophobe who theorizes supporters of gay rights are unpatriotic - what I do reject is this ignoramus of a legislator assuming something not in the bill to try to cast phantom aspersions on proponents.

The moral difference is this: Someone can be against gay marriage. No problem here. However, Republicans like Hall insist that everyone must agree and abide by their wishes, for the good of society. This is Republicans imposing their religious beliefs upon others by use of the government. On the contrary, no one is forcing a right winger to marry someone of the same sex!

Sen. Dan Hall makes this classic projection fallacy that his opponents are somehow forcing him to ACTIVELY accept gay marriage (i.e be  forced to take part in ceremonies)

However, it is the Republicans who are themselves to blame as to why gay marriage will pass in Minnesota by taking a gambit last year by trying to pass a constitutional amendment to enshrine this hatred in the Minnesota Constitution. The amendment was roundly rejected.  During the debate on the amendment, the hypocrisy of the Senate Republican Majority Leader having an extra maritial affair at the time of debate on the amendment rang true and clear. Senators and representatives were directed not to speak on their personal beliefs on gay marriage, but instead were instructed to speak  ad naseum about "Let the voters decide".

Fast forward to this year:  With the new Democratic majorities, the Republican homophobes in the legislature are going to have to come out, so to speak, and expose their hatred and bigotry against gays. Let the hatred begin.

Thank you for starting the ball rolling Rep Hall.

Update: Here is Sen Hall's quote reported by the Pioneer Press:

Sen. Dan Hall of Burnsville said the bill would exempt churches from being forced to perform same-sex weddings. But if it became law, he predicted, that eventually could change.

"Once you open the door, you're not going to be able to shut it," said Hall, a pastor. "I personally will go to jail before I ever perform a marriage to a homosexual."


Sen Hall's argument is the slippery slope - If we allow gay marriage, then what's next- cats and dogs? Pastors thrown in jail? Kids marrying adults? Pastors embracing ALL people?


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