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Nobody else that I know of has diaried this, so, hell, I'll do it.  It started out as a simple comment, so I'll try to keep this simple.

Stick a fork in it.  THIS IS YOUR PROOF that the Republican tea party lunatic fringe is in trouble.  Somebody should do a diary about this.  [And, tada, I have.]

Watch this all the way through.  Then you'll want to get some popcorn and watch it again, I bet.  This is Zeb Colter of the "We the People!" movement and his acolyte, WWE professional wrestler Jack Swagger:

Let's review what this is.  The Tea Party is now so ludicrous that they are being parodied by PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS.  And let's not forget the WWE is co-owned by a former Republican candidate, Linda McMahon.


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You might catch Zeb Colter's brief mention of Glenn Beck "chickening out" at the beginning of the clip.  Glenn Beck is fucking outraged about all of this, and he's also very angry at Linda McMahon and sees her as a turncoat for not stopping it.  "They're making fun of our tea party language!"  

To add further insult to injury, the mock Tea Partiers are THE VILLAINS, in that long historic lineage of Gorgeous George and The Sheik and Randy Savage and The Undertaker, people you are expected to boo at and wish for them to lose.  Oh, the indignity!

Zeb Colter (not his real name) cut another youtube clip out of character where he addressed Glenn directly (but only through the camera) and pointed out to him that this is the entertainment business, it's always been just that, and that more than 20% of the audience for WWE around the world is (gasp!) HISPANIC.

I guess Glenn Beck didn't grow up as I did watching Wednesday night pro wrestlers like Mil Mascaras [Translation: A Thousand Masks] wringing Freddy Blassie's neck.  The Olympic auditorium audiences would go berserk over Mil Mascaras.  

Why?  Because it was a mostly Mexican audience.

If I'm surprised at all, it's that the worldwide Hispanic audience share is now only 20%.

UPDATE: ... And what do you know, Alberto Del Rio is Mil Mascaras' (Aaron Rodriguez's) real life nephew.

In 2008, Mexico put Mil Mascaras on a whole series of popular postage stamps.  Images here.

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