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Daily Kos Radio logo
Before we begin I would simply like to state that I have no connection with Daily Kos Radio, Netroots Radio or any of the vehicles used to carry it.

I am a listener and I wanted simply to share my listening experience

"Armando made a great point about the filibuster, then I cut him off" - Waldman

That may be a slight paraphrase


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We have a morning routine, Natalie and I. Since I have started substitute teaching, our routines may have to change, but for now we have a routine.

The Twigg household pretty much empties by 7.10 am central. Mom goes to work, the other two kids get the bus leaving Natalie still asleep, and me ready to get her up and provide something nutritious before she embarks on a ten-year-old's tough day in 4th Grade.

She gets the bus at 8.10 am. By 7.55 she is usually assembled and fed, teeth and hair done all without much in the way of intervention or protest. Especially if I made bread the day before and she had toast for breakfast.

Around this time she will ask if I am going to "put the birds on".

The "birds" in question are the sound effects used to introduce Kagro in the Morning. the daily show hosted by David Waldman. There is also an "Oh my" thrown in there by George Takei. She likes that too.

I have no idea of the listenership David gets for this show, but I do know that it is not enough. Not enough because if you are missing it, then you are missing an absolute treat.

David is well known for his in-depth knowledge of the arcane rules that help Congress do no work at all. That makes him a bit nerdy, in the way Ezra Klein is nerdy. What he also shares with Ezra is a terrific ability to make that stuff comprehensible to mere mortals, like me, and for that I have to thank him.

David has regular guests on the show. A regular morning spot for Greg Dworkin usually lasting ten to fifteen minutes at the start of the show. He is also frequently joined by Armando, and less frequently, but always intelligently, by Meteor Blades.

By the way ... Meteor Blades does not sound a bit like I expected from either his writing style or his picture. I always imagined a pugnacious character with a biting wit. He has the wit, but sounds smooth and "polished" in a way that was a bit surprising at first. I digress.

David's style is simply to let his imagination wander, in a conversational tone, for two hours. They are two hours of solid gold. Dip in and out as your schedule allows and I don't think you will be disappointed.

As for the Title? Well the other day he was re-capping on a piece where he and Armando had discussed the filibuster. He said "Armando made a great point about the filibuster, then I cut him off" ... priceless!

I haven't explored the other offerings by Daily Kos Radio yet. I will, but for now that morning show is well worth catching if you can, and your ten-year-old will adore the birds.

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