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You know that life is good when the indulgences of a manufactured reality helps define the mission statement of a slowly dying elephant.

This elephant, mind you, has for a good deal of modern times delayed, deprived and decried a democracy that it so loudly and proudly claims to love. A love so intense that this elephant is willing to rape, ruin and redefine it's own republic just to keep a stranglehold on it.
 Similar to how the wife-beating, gun-toting, small critter slaying, homophobic, child abusing, shit eating inhumane sociopaths demonstrate their love by completely fucking up their whole family and society for future generations.  That so-called love is merely an illusion. A simple, though inexplicable emotion, used as an excuse, abused to the point where any and all relation to it's former definition is dead and rotten. Able to metastasize like cancer ready devour, this devotional love of the republic manifests as a shameful, self indulgent ideology, oblivious to the irony and insanity of the sum of it's parts.

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All the intellectually, educationally, socially, scientifically, factually illiterate masses whose simpleminded approach to the complexity of life serve only to demonstrate why anything that fails to properly adapt or evolve dies off.  It's obvious to anyone who stumbles across the righteous 700 club and it's rotten holy verbal diarrhea is offered up as gourmet cuisine. And why not, who don't trust old Pat? He's only a rotting burlap nut-sack more in tune with the lord and his multidimensional supernatural ways than you are. I'm sure he's gotten his hands on Russel's Teapot and like any other moron watching him on the window box that uses science to exist, I'll believe him. Better yet I'll trust him. You know, it's just something I feel is right.  I understand the how of it, the why is what is evasive.

Deep, tear-worthy love for America, but respect only the Americans that are similar in race, economic class, and religion to yourself? Constitutional fetishes like freedom of religion, which is only stated as making no law RESPECTING an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, are so dear to their rationale, yet the demand that other people mindlessly abide by some other asshole's interpretation of bronze-age reasoning is trumpeted?
I think I get it now, the Geriatric Oligarchical Plutocrats give the nation the same love it's constituents would give to their wives and families. Nice Brutal Heterosexual Divine Love. Cheers.
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The GOP Product and Sales Satff

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