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There are two important conclusions that need to be drawn from  the Keystone Pipeline Enivronmental Impact Statement released today:

ONE:  Keystone is all about finding a way to increase exports of oil for Texas speculators.

TWO:  There will be only 35 long-term permanent jobs if Keystone is built.


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ONE:  Keystone is all about finding a way to increase exports of oil from Texas refineries.  It is clear from the EIS that moving oil directly form Alberta to Texas allows the Teas refiners to skirt the US law limiting oil exports:


"In 2005, exports began increasing. Exports were typically either products not consumed in large quantities in the United States (petroleum coke, residual fuel, etc.) or gasoline and distillate oils (such as diesel and heating oils). Export volumes have increased to over 3 mmbpd in the first half of 2012. This increased volume of refined products is being exported by refiners as they respond to lower domestic gasoline demand and continued higher demand and prices in overseas markets (Figure 1.4.4-7).     [Section 1.4, page 15]
 And why use Keystone Crude?  The SEIS says:

"Gulf Coast refiners’ traditional sources of heavy crudes, particularly Mexico and Venezuela, are declining and are expected to continue to decline. This results in an outlook where the refiners have significant incentive to obtain heavy crude from the oil sands. "   [Section 1.4, page 16]

Finally, can the refineries really do this?  The SEIS says:

"It is possible that Canadian-origin crude oil transported to the Gulf Coast area (whether by the proposed Project, other pipelines, or by rail) could be exported to other countries. There is a restriction on exporting domestically produced crude oils. Export licenses can be obtained for a foreign-origin crude provided it has not been commingled with crude oil of U.S. origin (15 Code of Federal Regulations 754.2(b)(vii)). To export a foreign-origin crude, the exporter must demonstrate to the Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security that the crude oil in question is not of U.S. origin and has not been commingled with oil of U.S. origin."  [ Section 1.4, page 16]

TWO:  There will be only 35 long-term permanent jobs if Keystone is built. Job 1 should be employing people in the alternatives to Keystone.
But once up and running, the operation of the pipeline would support only 35 permanent and 15 temporary jobs, mostly for inspections, maintenance and repairs.

“Based on this estimate, routine operation of the proposed pipeline would have negligible socioeconomic impacts,” the report said.

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