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and kossacks who tend have tendencies and inclinations to find fault in Obama in almost everything he does or he does not do,

I understand why you feel the way you usually feel and why you take the skeptical angles in lots of things regarding our society. I understand why you write about the issues you are passionate about. There are no doubt problems with the administration on those issues (civil liberties, education, drugs, to say the least).


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However, there are big problems regarding your approach to the administration and some (just some I say) of your substance on the issues you tend to be the most critical of. I write this diary with the best intentions. Please read everything thoroughly and be kind.

First of all,

Try harder to write from a point of understanding when you criticize or be skeptical. Also, please respect/acknowledge other progressives' viewpoints taking a benefit of the doubt approach to Obama.  For example, Cornell West and Cenk Uygur vitrolically criticize Obama and try to convince us everyday that Obama is terrible in this way or another. Vitrolic progressive critics such as them need to realize that they do NOT speak for all progressives. They do not speak for me.  Please realize that 80-90% of liberals approve of Obama in polls. The overwhelming majority of progressives think Obama's ideology is just right. Those who think he is too conservative is 5% or less.

Second of all,

It is not acknowledged by some critics that Obama made it clear in his 2008 speech that you will not agree with his decisions all the time. There would be frustrations, false starts, and mistakes. I am not trying to say that you should excuse them or keep quiet. However, you should have come with fair expectations, tried to be understanding of him, and fair to him when you need to be critical. Try to have a little more respect in Obama's decision making, even when it is not easy.

Third of all,

There were no doubt reasons to be frustrated with Obama on wall street accountability, civil liberties, education, LGBT rights issues (at start), marijuana, and his initial governing style of trying to bring people together. However, I really feel that he has been misrepresented at times, unappreciated, and blamed too much quite a bit. There is a lot of context/other bigger things regarding Obama's bad points. There are a lot of other things that need blame too in those particular issues, not just Obama. It is important to hold Obama to highest standards because we need the best from him, no sugarcoating. However, we must do so in a way that is as fair as possible.

If we were to try it your way of finding fault in Obama in every angle possible, then you would not be happy at all with FDR, JFK, LBJ, and Jimmy Carter.

Here is a diarist who wrote about how similar your vitrolic criticism of Hillary Clinton and Obama is similar to FDR's back in his day. I respect puakev very deeply. He is tough on Obama but he always is fair and tries to bring everyone on this site together. He inspires me.


I refer you to my diary to get a deeper insight/analysis in those specific issues and situations that have really caused vitrolic criticism of Obama.


 In summation, I kindly ask you to try to be more understanding/respectful of those who are not inclined to be vitrolic critics of Obama. I am trying to be more understanding of people's perspectives better each and every day.

Thank you.

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