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Hello, Puzzlers

It's the first Sunday of March, and that means it's a windy day for a potluck. The last potluck we had, science's Bad Translations puzzles kept us busy almost the whole month! He's blessed us again with a Juliecrostic this month. Yay!

In fact, this month is starting out great, we have two Juliecrostics, science's and one of mine. Nova has created one of his patented One-offs and a word puzzle, too.

If you have a puzzle, post it in the comments or Kosmail me and I will post it into the puzzle.


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science's Juliecrostic. His puzzles are always so challenging, so sharpen your pencils, er, keyboards for this one:

1.   chant        
2.   cut
3.   rush
4.   metric unit
5.   Israeli hill
6.   upon the gale
7.   where s lives
8.   no
9.   lots
10. former president
11. pizza
12.  one of mitt’s
13.  drug dealer
14.  riga
15.  for kids
16.  resolution
17.  not mine
18.  rush’s brains
19.   above 2
20.   lincoln
21.   something to set
22.   in need of special attention
23.   boy
24.  rush
And one from me:
1 treasure
2 sticks
3 most thin
4 Boston, San Francisco, Amsterdam
5 duck
6 depended
7 greased again
8 arch criminal
9 inevitable
10 conquer
11 has planes
12 what you might do with a Rush Limbaugh
13 obligations
14 What I did on Thanksgiving
15 What Lincoln handled with 7, Kennedy managed with 1, but Romney needed 20
16 big, red, or double
17 serious
18 tombs
19 armor parts
20 Steed and Peel
21 noodles
22 What Frederick Austerlitz, Farrokh Bulsara, Anna Mae Bullock and Carlos Estevez do to themselves
23 mosey
24 attitude
25 fabric
26 stains
27 sticking
28 separations
From Nova, a One-Off

One-Offs: "Shopping List"

I've taken something and changed one letter in each line. Then I've written a paraphrase of the altered line, taking care not to use any words from the original or altered lines in the paraphrase. The result is the shopping list you see below.

The change might be the addition of a letter (bead becomes bread), the subtraction of a letter (bead becomes bad) or the substitution of a letter (bead becomes read).

The number in parentheses at the end of each line tells how many words were in the line originally.

1-a: impressionist painting costs a dollar (4)
1-b: food to eat costs twice that (4)
1-c: cost of having manuscript evaluated is as much as cost of painting and meal combined (4)
1-d: plus, give Republicans enough for two of the lowest-priced whores (4)

Word Puzzle

The word AFFIRMS has an F for its second letter and an M for its sixth letter. What other common 7-letter word has the same property?

Extended (Optional)

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