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Sometimes, an email blast goes out, and you wonder if people are on the same page as everyone else.   Today's email blast from Americans with Prosperity tells us how great the sequester will be:

We often criticize GOP leaders for not standing firm on limited government principles, but today Americans for Prosperity thanks Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans for standing up to President Obama and making sure the $85 billion in much-needed sequester spending cuts took effect.

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Despite a relentlessly hysterical campaign from President Obama and the Left claiming that sequester cuts would end American civilization as we know it, the sun still rose this morning.  For the first time in a long time, genuine substantive spending reductions actually took effect and the government is running just a bit leaner.

While Speaker Boehner and the GOP deserve credit and thanks for taking a gutsy stand,
it’s important to realize what an incredible impact AFP activists like you are making in this fight. All across the country, folks like you have called their members of Congress, made visits in person to congressional district offices, sent emails, and kept the pressure on through Twitter and Facebook. These combined efforts helped spread a message across the country that enabled House Republicans to take heart and do the right thing knowing that conservatives back home had their back.

As an example, I was out at a leadership event in Portland, Oregon this week where Beth, one of our dedicated AFP activists, told me how she had sent personal messages to each of her 243 Facebook friends asking them to contact their member of Congress to tell him to "keep the cuts" so we can "get our economy moving again." She had also personally visited her member's district office with her husband.  

Even USA Today, the nation’s second largest newspaper after The Wall Street Journal, recognized the effectiveness of AFP activists and gave us the opportunity to articulate the importance of the sequester cuts. Here’s an excerpt:

“These modest cuts are an important step forward for economic growth. While perhaps painful at first, they will restore some balance to our fiscal system, allowing government to prioritize properly and function in line with the American people.” Click here to read more!

Our AFP Iowa state director Mark Lucas, who served combat tours in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger, went on FOX News pushing back against the Left's claims that sequester cuts should be stopped because of their impact on national defense.  You can check out the video by CLICKING HERE.

We have big fights ahead of us to rein in government overspending.  President Obama and his friends are going to continue their campaign of fear and intimidation against those of us who oppose their big government policies.  But the $85 billion in cuts, while a modest start of just 2 cents on the dollar in federal spending, demonstrate that we can win.

Thank you again for all you’ve done in the fight for fiscal responsibility.  We're proud to serve on the freedom team with you.

Much lies ahead,

Tim Phillips

I'm sure there will be many lies ahead.

But just so we can get it clear:  Republicans wanted the sequester, and should be praised for the sequester, and deserve all the credit for taking a gutsy stand thanks to their lobbyist.

Let's just make it clear one more time: the sequester is theirs, they own it, they want it, they campaigned for it, and they are proud of it.

Got it.

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