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There are varying reports on the numbers of students involved with one report saying thirty to forty and another twelve but several students at a Mississippi high school with a dress code wore sweats to school to protest what they claim to be "special treatment"

Unless these students wore sweats to school in order to freely cross dress their protest reeks of exclusionism and villager mentality.

About 30 to 40 students at the school say they were not allowed inside Wednesday because they were wearing gym shorts and sweatpants.

The kids violated the dress code in an effort to tell school officials that the special treatment of the transgender student is unfair. The kids say she is violating the dress code by not wearing clothing appropriate for her gender.

The student, who we are identifying only as "Leah" because she is a minor, was born male. The student recently came out and announced her transition to a female. That is when she began dressing to match the gender to which she is transitioning.

Are these peoples lives truly so meaningless they need to police who wears what gender clothes?

We know this is about hate. I'm sure my inquiries will provide us with a source of this 'movement' against one student.


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Now the Transphobes have set up a facebook page according to this article:

Unfortunately, many parents and adults from the area felt it was indeed their position to judge. Many are planning to protest and complain at the upcoming school board meeting. The Prayers for South Panola School District page was launched Tuesday morning. Its description was as follows:
   "This page is set up to form a Christian based group to pray for our school's administration, board members, principles, teachers and students. It's time to STEP UP and put CHRIST back in our schools where he belongs!"
Apparently, part of "putting Christ back in our schools" includes ascribing to Jesus the role of "Bully in Chief." Why else would a bunch of adults create and use a page to, in the name of Christian values, target a single high school student for harassment and blame that student for the downfall of moral, godly society?

Ryan Moss posted and explained:

   "This page isnt for bashing a single student. its for the people who have strong belief in the Lord and what he does for us that created this page. the incident that happened yesterday was just an example of not only the governments power but the power of satan."
When asked what the "incident" was (since Ryan claimed the page wasn't for bashing a single student), Ryan responded that the incident was about "The cross dressing student who has not yet become a transgender person being in schools with other parents kids."
But searching google and facbook only turns up a parody page encouraging actual Christian values instead of the hate being displayed.


For those saying I'm penalizing Mississippi please look at what comes up on the google images when you search the state name and the term civil rights.

Kudos on the school for not putting up with this shit.

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Originally posted to TransAction on Mon Mar 04, 2013 at 10:12 AM PST.

Also republished by Invisible People.

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