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Hi all, I have a friend who has been in a three year long relationship with an Iraq War vet, who may or may not have PTSD but as far as I know, isn't being treated for it.  She waited for him to get back from Iraq, and recently he rented an apartment for them in Western Washington.  She quit her job, packed up her apartment, cat in tow, and drove up there to start their new life together.


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When she arrived in Washington during the holidays, he told her he no longer wanted a relationship with her.  Needless to say, she went into shock.  She had mailed boxes to the new place, and he never said any of this.  Instead, he said he had no doubts.  But when she arrived, he became very cruel and sarcastic.  He kept her up all night yelling at her for no reason and the next day she couldn't stop crying.  He told her that he sleeps with a knife under his pillow in case she bothers him in his sleep.  He has now told her that she has to leave, and plans to break the lease.  

She has been looking for a job and has had a few interviews, but in today's climate, it's hard to compete when you live in such an abusive situation.  She has worked as a retail inventory manager for several years and knows her way around Excel, but she will take any job she can find.

She found a women's shelter that takes pets, but they are full.  They also didn't seem to take her seriously because she hasn't been hit yet.  She was afraid to mention the knife because she was really scared that she would get him in trouble which would put her in more danger.

I have urged her to go apply for food stamps, although she doesn't yet have a Washington driver's license and no money to get one. In short, I need advice.  Is it possible for her to get signed up with social services without a Washington ID?

If anyone knows their way around the system or knows of any resources that she should try to access, would you please let me know?

She's very vulnerable, and I am trying to help her avoid sleeping in her car, losing that car through missing payments, or winding up in a homeless shelter which honestly might be more than she can bear at this point without having a total meltdown.

All the information I have to give her is to contact the Y and try to get on food stamps.  Are there services for partners of vets which apply to those that are not married?

Any information about jobs or services would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

3:11 PM PT: Thanks to everyone who helped out! It looks like for the moment we have some local Kossacks to talk to and lots of information, and hopefully, the situation will be addressed. I'm taking a break from comments.  It's been a long day.

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Originally posted to Lonely Texan on Tue Mar 05, 2013 at 10:41 AM PST.

Also republished by Koscadia and Kossacks helping each other.

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