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This requires a special sort of stupid. This is a job for Asa Hutchinson.

Former DEA chief won’t say why marijuana is different than alcohol

Which, of course, it clearly is. Let us not get distracted by what the point of this article is. It is NOT about 'pot and alcohol'. It is about propaganda ministers ministering propaganda on national TV and a TV reporter accidentally doing his job.

The ever-annoying Wolf Blitzer manages to ask the $64000 $20 billion-a-year question: why should alcohol  be regulated and taxed and marijuana shouldn't, Hutch, of course, refused to say.

Asa starts off with the standard "marijuana is a harmful drug" without accounting for how exactly 'harmful it is' when alcohol is responsible for MANY tens of thousands of deaths each year - including the deaths of children.

But then, he HAS to do that. His job is about lying and maintaining known lies.It's how he puts whatever he eats on a table (assuming he eats on a table). He is a professional propaganda minister: a very fancy liar. Paid out of your pocket. (From the first link)

He said he was worried the country was going in “two directions” on marijuana, rather than having one uniform policy. Though Colorado and Washington state have both legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the drug is still considered a prohibited substance by the federal government.

“The Obama Administration’s Department of Justice is evaluating this,” Hutchinson added. “I think they still can make the decision that they cannot just simply turn their back on what is a clear violation of federal law.”

Hutchinson, along with seven other former DEA administrators, feared the Obama Administration was abandoning the war on drugs in an open letter published Tuesday.


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When you have become a director of the DEA, a federal agency founded on lies and anti-marijuana propaganda, you must be able to say patently stupid things that most people know are false with a straight face and, essentially, lie to God and Man.

But, then, again, Hutch was appointed as DEA head by George W. Bush - that alone should tell you what a special sort of liar Hutch is.

The DEA owes its entire existence to Richard Nixon's refusal to yield to science and public demand for marijuana law reform. Nixon dug in and the GOP adopted reefer madeness as part of their political identity.

When marijuana is finally re-legalized - which it will be, however long backwards assholes wish to fight the inevitable - the DEA loses over half their reason for being, and the Mexican Cartels, which the DEA also loves.

(The DEA believes that the more people getting killed in Mexico, the better the US intervention is working. No, really. Link in the story linked above. But I digress).

When the Mexican Cartels are no longer laundering their marijuana profits through WALL STREET BANKS, the DEA will no longer get to fingerwag at them and collect massive fines from them.

It's a cash thing for the DEA: I have heard them brag on one of their stupid TV program that they are 'doing God's work' but that is just another measure of how venal they are. When your entire job and income are based on known lies and victimizing innocent people, you ARE NOT doing "God's Work". You're being a tool.

So yeah, the DEA will always be against one of the most basic and true things: that marijuana never should have been illegal, there is no salient reason fro it to remain illegal, especially when alcohol and tobacco and firearms are all legal and killing over 400000 Americans each year and marijuana kills exactly NOBODY.

They will lie through their teeth day and night to attempt to maintain this failed scam and their paychecks and they will send you family, neighbors, friends and acquaintances to prison as fast as possible for nothing and brag they are doing God's work on your tax dollar while actually accomplishing nothing.

And they will tell you they are the best and the brightest, that they are The Experts on the topic yet they can't tell you how pot is different from alcohol.

Ergo, they brag about not knowing the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain and they want you to keep funding them, probably so they can continue to have a paycheck and rob banks that make money off selling drugs.

Relegalization of marijuana spells the end of that gravy train and they will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to protect it.

And a majority of Americans now see and agree with this.

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