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Throughout history, the supposed goal of education has been to shape citizens who are well-rounded, enlightened contributors to their societies.  These institutions are supposed to be models that our communities can look to for guidance on how to interact, how to work, how to create, how to help those among us who are in need.  


The very purpose of these institutions runs counter to the hateful rhetoric of the Rush Limbaugh Show, a show which routinely heaps abuse upon women, ethnic minorities, homosexuals, and the poor.  
One of the most galling aspects of Rush Limbaugh's advertising is the multitude of educational institutions that run ads on his show.  Many of these schools are not deliberately choosing Rush Limbaugh's program--although there are some exceptions to that rule such as right wing Hillsdale College, which is a longtime advertiser and seems to be quite proud of its relationship with Limbaugh.  Schools advertising on Rush Limbaugh generally have very limited budgets and have to purchase "bulk ads."  These ads can be aired whenever the station wants to air them.  

Shortly after Limbaugh's shocking 3 day misogynistic ad-hominem attack on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke last year, a memo for the Traffic Directors Guild of America--responsible for distributing ads to radio stations--was accidentally leaked.  The memo listed 96 major companies who

"...specifically asked that [radio stations] schedule their commercials in dayparts or programs free of content known or deemed to be offensive or controversial (for example, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck,Hannity). Those are defined as environments likely to stir negative sentiment from a very small percentage of the listening public."

This secret memo ushered in the era of the "No Rush list."  No Rush lists are lists of advertisers who run bulk ads but have indicated to radio stations or ad buyers that they do not want their ad to air on Limbaugh's offensive program.  As more and more advertisers have jumped Rush Limbaugh's sinking ship, radio stations have had to make concessions they would not have otherwise just to retain paying customers.  Many radio stations are now willing to honor requests from any advertiser running bulk ads to avoid airing their ad on a show which can give the impression that their business supports Limbaugh's odious views.

Colleges and universities are no exception to this policy.  Many schools have done the right thing and requested that their ad not be rotated on during the Rush Limbaugh Show.  Here is an example of a response from one of them:

    I spoke to our media buyer about this. We purchase ad packages and the ads are spread throughout a period of time. We were unaware of the exact times the spots were being ran, but we have contacted the station and asked that our ads be removed from that specific programming.

Other schools have chosen to allow this shameful association with their institution to continue.  Some still cling to the story that they have no control over where the ads air despite being furnished with all the information above.  Some state that by not pulling the ad from Limbaugh they are remaining apolitical.  This claim assumes that the following Limbaugh gems are valid political arguments rather than disgusting personal attacks:

Suggests abortion can be stopped by requiring it occur with a gun

Claims that unidentified "scholarly research" shows Mexicans have a poor work ethic

Mocks children afraid of being shot after Newtown, CT massacre

Claims marriage equality is linked with a move to normalize pedophilia

Says African American Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has "outlived her usefulness on the plantation"

Why is it that these schools have a responsibility to remove their ads from the Rush Limbaugh Show?  Take a look at these excerpts from mission statements of universities that are currently allowing their ads on Limbaugh:

George Washington University
"...dedicates itself to furthering human well-being. The University values a dynamic, student-focused community stimulated by cultural and intellectual diversity and built upon a foundation of integrity, creativity, and openness to the exploration of new ideas."

Pfeiffer University
"...our students embrace the Christian values of human dignity, integrity, and service and become servant leaders and lifelong learners."

University of Cincinnati
"We are committed to excellence and diversity in our students, faculty, staff, and all of our activities. We provide an inclusive environment where innovation and freedom of intellectual inquiry flourish."

University of Toledo
"Treat every individual with kindness, dignity and care...Create an environment that values and fosters diversity."

These universities pledge to foster a spirit of kindness, yet they permit an association with cruel jokes about black slavery.  They say they embrace diversity, but they offer their tacit approval of a show that spreads racist stereotypes.  They claim integrity, but they are linked with a man who calls for violence against women.  They say they value intellect, yet their name is connected with the claim that science has proven Mexicans are lazy.  

University ads on the Rush Limbaugh Show legitimize views that are very harmful to vast segments of our society.  It's an absolutely unethical affiliation, and it's something that no alumnus or concerned citizen should allow to continue unchallenged.

After the break you will find a list of schools, universities and colleges that have allowed their ads to run during Rush Limbaugh since January 1, 2013 despite contact by the StopRush movement.  Clicking on the link for a school will take you to complete contact information as well as dates the ad was caught by a StopRush monitor.  

Please take the time to contact a few, and inform any students or alumni you know.  Let these educational institutions know how you feel about their supporting hate speech.

If you'd like to help further, you can lend your voice to the StopRush movement in the following places:

Join:  The Flush Rush Facebook community
Visit:  The StopRush sponsor database
Tweet:  #stoprush Twitter campaign


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Schools, colleges, and universities advertising on Rush Limbaugh since January 1, 2013:

The Alamo Colleges
American University of the Caribbean
Boise State University
Brentwood Christian School
Central Piedmont Community College
Coastal Carolina University
Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Empire State College
George Washington University
Greater Pittsburgh Christian Schools
Harford Christian School
Harrisburg Christian School
Hillsdale College
Holy Spirit School East Greenbush New York
Indiana Wesleyan University
Mater Christi School of Albany New York
McKendree University
Mott Community College
Northwest Nazarene University
Pfeiffer University
Plumstead Christian School
Pope John Paul II High School
Ross University
Sandwich Community School
San Jacinto College
San Joaquin College of Law
SMSA Regional Catholic Schools
St. Clement’s Regional Catholic School
St. John Vianney High School
St. John’s Military School
St. Madeleine Sophie School
St. Thomas the Apostle School
University of Maryland
University of Michigan:  Ross School of Business
University of Phoenix
University of Toledo
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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