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Thoughts on the way home from ‘The House…..’

As the Metro Blue Line rocks me gently into a realization of the most exhilarating fatigue, I know many of us are already too busy for another errand, or party or even a relaxing weekend game.

I get that in times of deafening applause for the superficial and predictable, we can lose sight of ‘and the winner is’ Peanut head Stewart Parnell or the exit strategy of a Pope giving Boy Scouts of America secret hopes by retiring most church child molestation shame from view.

Is it any wonder we welcome unfunny Oscar host and C-PAC reject most popular Republican Governor in most Democratic State, as just too Bi-Parisian caring for his constituents to Party?

However after the oily errands, Party favorites and war games of the Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Gonzales and Yoo crowd, still hiding by the Bushes, receiving precisely the Justice, CEO, CFO and board members of Bank of America, ExxonMobil, CitiGroup, Goldman Sachs and other top tax evading corporations, bonus perched on the backs of $9.00 minimum prayers, can we afford to go easy on the House, by silently treading in under water homes?

Corporations like neighborhoods and governments are made up of all kinds of people harboring – even festering —  enough life accumulating baggage packed with revenge agenda, hopes for self-preservation and stolen retirement to explode dreams of recovery into nightmares of recession.

So from the sidelines, TV and device faced buried, we hardly notice launch of sequester ship of fools, moat snail sailing around walled street of granite protected small minded suits, bulging from short selling Americans – Locked step in rush hour herd, dancing to tunes of Debt Ceiling waltz, Post Office catch-22, dangling Fiscal Cliff charade and ‘Committee of Six’ boondoggling.

When a Scalia gets to wipe his feet on hallowed ground; a LaPierre shoots gun ownership polls down; a supremacist five vote down four squashing ‘We the People’s’ defense against secret FISA flying Drones ‘somewhere over the rainbow,’ is it not time for a chorus of ‘The Parities Over.’

What:  Sam ‘Change is Gonna Come’ Cooke twisted by swinging supreme, “…..But times change,” Kennedy
When:  C Street House is a DOMA sinkhole home swallowing up “Justice for All”
How:  “Exceptional” is the mystery of “Too Big To fail”   while government subsidizes banks and oil, but fails education
Where:  ‘follow the money trail leads from bankrolled international terrorists high on drug deals:  ‘friends with laundry benefits.’
Why:  unratified ERA not allowed to umbrella Constitution’s equal rights amendments, leaving too little defense against tipped justice scales re-assassinating Lincoln, King and Bobby with “racial entitlements” ‘trial balloon’
Whsup:  when we can’t tell the good guys from the bad:  Like “bad guy” Saddam Hussein, but good Exxon Valdese & Gulf BP clogged; or bad Hugo Chavez for trying to buy his way into Heaven with a half billion dollar oil gift to Sandy & snow isolated North Eastern Americans, but good Shell gamer John Hofmeister who led the chorus of “No Thanks” to help request from former Congressman Joe Kennedy II.
Is it not time to pack a lunch and car of friends and make a monthly drive to haunt the halls where Congress hides?

Full citizenship is not for the privileged few, but is a rite of passage; and love of country, a wondrous gift to behold when it pays forward on wings of civility and balance.  Real patriotism, like Lady Liberty, is a beacon foundation perched on the wisdom of Civics:  Popvox.com and govtrack.org.

Try it, and you too will be ablaze with exhilarating fatigue, “and the glow from that fire, will truly light the world.”


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