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Yes I meant burkas and there is serious science (really) behind what I am talking about. Scientific American has recently published an article informing public about fashion designer Adam Harvey's Stealth wear line of hoodies, scarves and burkas designed to make their wearers invisible to infrared surveillance cameras, particularly those on drones.

Follow me below the orange pretzel if you want to know more about this new line of Drone-Proof fashion that is out of a science fiction novel.


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The author of the article, Jim Nash, rightfully insists that the science behind Harvey's garments should not be taken lightly, although, as an urban fashionista, Harvey aims to make a political statement rather than making money. To me, however, with the speed of the science and the technology advancing coupled by the equal speed of reason and logic in our politics dis-advancing, Mr. Harvey yet might be able to achieve both, statement, and the money.

The idea of metalized clothing is not unusual, any case. The "metalizing" of fabric in fashion for example is already here. We see recent examples of metallic threads used in scarfs and different pieces of clothing, including the shoes and the hats, giving the wearer an all year around festive appearance which used to be reserved for holidays, not too long ago. And wouldn't that be amazing that something as simple as a garment created by a scientific technique afford us much sought privacy from a future of drone invaded skies? Granted it is expensive now but in time it would be made available to large numbers of people and thus the affordability will certainly increase. And once affordable, then, I am guessing that there will be no need for ulcers, civil-war, toppling of governments and military coups, whatsoever. Right? Just put some clothes on in the morning and make sure that they are metalized. The metallic blankets as bedding are already here.

I am serious. As most know here that I don't write diaries very often (a bit shy and under the cloud of the 'outsider' complex) but I couldn't reject this news about Adam Harveys "Stealth Line." Please do me a favor then and read the article  and after reading contemplate as I did about the following:

a) The tin-foil hat crowd may yet to be vindicated
b) Taliban might drop its weapons and open a department store in New York instead, selling shiny transgender Burkas, joining Victoria's Secret to help enhance their undergarment design (and hopefully find the business lucrative enough so that the only reason for the US military to travel to Afghanistan would be vacation or photography or bird watching or honeymoon)
c) In the near future, we, including our pets, will all look shiny, from dusk to dawn
d) I am serious


3:24 PM PT: Fixed the link

3:36 PM PT: Fixed it again. Hopefully it works. Also Google lists this diary under Susan Gardner. I am not Susan Gardner. Please take note.

An Update:
With my deepest apologies, my links are somehow disappearing into the thin air, in addition to Google listing my diary under Susan Gardner. I am not Susan Gardner. So who knows...

If you find the subject of the diary interesting and worth your time, I recommend Googling Adam Harvey Stealth Wear. It should show up several links.

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