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                                        Addendum to above: First is first. Second can be skinkond.
                                        Thank you and have an IVH night.

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   Hey there fellow venthooligans! Welcome to another Thursday night edition of the IVH.
Last night when I went on flickr to find an appropriate trophy for myself, since I claimed first, I was thinking queen of the IVH..castle and thought of the castle that belonged to my Gramps family, and a wicked one it is! I looked up Leap Castle and found a bunch of pictures and more history about it. Leap Castle has been described as being one of the most haunted places in Europe, for good reason, a hell of a lot of people died there. My grandson, Darby, was given my Mom's maiden name. The Darbys claimed the castle through marriage to an O"Carrol. They were an English family, thus despised by their Irish neighbors. The Catholic Darbys were kicked out of the castle and emigrated to Formby, (north of Liverpool) England, but maintained their Irish roots. My grandfather, although several generations in England always called himself Irish. His family was very prosperous, all the children going to boarding school and college. My grandfather went to Magdalen College, Oxford, and studied music... anyway, Leap Castle remained in the Protestant Darby hands, and being an English family, was a target of an early group later becoming the IRA, and attacked, looted and set afire. Before the Darbys, two O'Carrol brothers owned the property. One was a priest. As the priest was saying mass in the chapel in front of family, his brother attacked him - one story says he gutted him, the one I like says he beheaded the priest, and the poor guys head rolled across the altar. A spirit, an elemental lives on in the castle. It's described as a goat looking creature with a foul smell...nice relatives I have. There was a ubliet, a dungeon where people were pushed into, falling and impaling themselves on a spike some dying a slow death. When discovered, 4 large cartfuls of remains were removed. Nice history! My Gramps and his brothers however, were the kindest, most gentle and most gentlemanly men.  

    OK..enough about me....Craig will have Zach Braff as a guest tonight.
    Here's the show from last night

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