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I usually cruise around the net when I'm eating alone, and I happened to come across an article about the change to Daylight Saving Time tonight. (Don't forget!)

I'm not a particularly huge fan of springing forward, as I understand we night owls have a greater difficult adjusting to that time change. Furthermore, the adjustment of DST to the 2nd Sunday in March to the 1st Sunday in November irks me even more because I consider it to be unreasonable and was foisted on this country by the Bushies.

So I happened to come across an article on the Houston Chronicle here where I found a link to the White House petitions page, and signed the petition to get rid of DST here .


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Now, I like DST as much as anyone during the Summer, but I figure if we start a conversation about it, maybe more reasonable heads can prevail. Someone in the comments section said that the Monday after the change forward has the most auto accidents of any day of the year including New Years. That and other apocrypha can be found at the Chron article.

But the main point of this diary is the petitions page. President Obama set it up to hear from the people, and it is an awesome resource to have. There are 166 petitions on the site to date, and some of them are important.

Like the one that prompted me to write this diary:

Create federal law banning rapists from suing for custody and visitation rights to the children their assault creates here.

Now, maybe I'm a softie, but that made me cry. I just can NOT imagine a woman having to share a child with her RAPIST. Can you just picture what that scene must be like when he comes knocking at the door to pick up the child? Not the mention the effect that would have on the child.

According to the petition 31 states allow for this immensely harmful behavior.

Frankly it's something that never registered on my radar, but I am just totally and completely appalled that such statutes should be on the books.

It's time to end the practice of forcing women to offer "coffee, tea, or me?" to her rapist.

There are currently 41,649 signatures. 58,351 are required by March 22 for the White House to take action.

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