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I have spent the last two years looking for work, and I have had many interviews in that time frame. Of course I've yet to receive even a single callback, because companies would rather take advantage of an economy that has been pillaged 10 ways from Sunday to hire seasoned workers and pay them entry-level wages. Where does that leave people like me? Well, rather than being able to find an entry-level job with some room for growth, I'm forced to take internships at burger-flipping wages knowing full well that the experience won't lead to full employment.

Even if it did, I know I'd be on pins and needles if I were to ever enter into the workforce, because management is always looking for a way to increase shareholder dividends and corporate profits, and usually that means needlessly firing employees, hard work and dedication be damned.

I remember a couple of times last year that there were a couple of job fairs where I went to college. The first one had companies who were looking for people who have several years of experience. The second one featured companies like Target and Chick-Fil-A. A few other companies were there too, but from what I could tell, the majority had no interest in IT students, save Harris. The problem was that Harris Corp was looking for experienced programmers.

I spoke with some of the college's career specialists just before graduating, and their 'just take whatever you can get' attitude sent my blood boiling. They even went so far as to tell me McDonald's would be holding a job fair later that month. Sorry, but I didn't go to college just to face more abuse from low wage employers whose goal is to screw employees further than they already do.

That brings me to this point: If you're looking for someone who's trainable, who busts his ass to give the best work he possibly can and who can adapt and learn skills to suit just about any situation in order to build a company that will greatly benefit a community, then I'd be more than happy to accommodate.

If, however, you feel my only purpose is to make your company profit for the sake of your stock price and dividend checks, then please, feel free to toss my resume in the garbage, because I refuse to be a dime-a-dozen employee. It's exactly that kind of sociopathic attitude that ruins economies and communities.


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Yes, in case you can't tell, the frustration with unemployment is getting to me. Some of you may take the attitude I express above as entitlement, but I want you to keep in mind that with my previous work experience and workplace abuses I've witnessed and suffered, I refuse to fall back for the sake of just having a job. There comes a time when one must choose where the line must be drawn.

This far, no further. (Yes, a Star Trek reference)

See you around,


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