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One of the casualties mentioned often in the sequestration mess in Washington is Meals on Wheels, a program that receives federal funding for feeding low income or home-bound senior citizens.  The program depends heavily upon local contributions, too, in many parts of the country, particularly when it comes to the actual delivery of food.  There's no conscionable reason for seniors in this country to go hungry while the schmucks in Washington bicker.

If any seniors do go hungry, it's because you and I, personally, have failed, not because of Washington.  If you have a hungry neighbor in your apartment building, or on your block, or down the road a spell in hillbilly country, feed that person.  To heck with Washington.  Because Christianity is the majority religion in this country, most folks are well aware of their moral responsibilities to one another in that respect.  And Jews are well aware, too -- since Jesus was one of us, for the most part he was preaching our teaching, except he did it in red letters and said "thee" instead of "ata."  Muslims I assume have similar beliefs about charity.  Atheists and agnostics know it's right to help others.  All of us do.  

Call Meals on Wheels or your local food bank and find out where you can drop off food, or if they need help with deliveries or fuel (they do -- if not now then soon).  I paid this morning for two weeks of fuel to cover deliveries in the southern half of this sparsely populated county.  A friend who is a Christian pastor paid for the northern half, also about two weeks' worth of gasoline.  The donations are "earmarked," meaning the money won't be used until it's needed for deliveries.  

For me, it wasn't a huge amount, and simply means I'll have to smoke cheaper tobacco than usual for a few months, or skip planting a few new fruit trees until next year (THAT is the definition of either an optimist or a fool, planting fruit trees at my age).  I'm not meaning to toot my own flute here, but am hoping others will follow suit.  Some folks could find money to donate by cutting back on soda or McDs or MP thingies for their mini music iContraptions or whatever.  Consider it a self tax for those of us above the poverty line.  

So until the putzes in D.C. get their acts together and a wisp of white smoke rises, telling us that they've reached consensus on a not-so-grand bargain, it's up to us.  Sacrifice, even a little bit, will make a difference that really counts.  Don't bring me any food, though -- I have a coop full of hens to keep me going, and if I run out I'll just steal one from the neighbor.


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Originally posted to Not A Bot on Mon Mar 11, 2013 at 12:26 PM PDT.

Also republished by Hunger in America.

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