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Yes, I know some of these are not from early March, but I feel compelled to expose some older memes. Take, for example, the Solutrean hype-pothesis, er, hypothesis, which posits that ancient Europeans, the Solutreans, settled the Americas first, about 20,000 years ago.

Before we get into any examples, though, let me debunk the Solutrean hype-pothesis.

"Evidence" for it
1. Cactus Hill archaeological site, VA. There is some charcoal, formerly claimed to be man-made, that was probably from a forest fire.
2. Similarities between Clovis tools and Solutrean tools. After all, there are just so many different ways to smash rocks that this could never be coincidence.
3. Meadowcroft Rockshelter, a site in Pennsylvania that has been dated to 16,000 years ago, a date which would not contradict the well-accepted west-to-east coastal migration theory.

But the evidence against the Solutrean hypothesis is strong. For example, it is unimaginably difficult to paddle 4000 miles across the edge of the North Atlantic ice cap and survive. So the Solutrean hypothesis is debunked.


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Now that we've debunked it, let's find some examples of the Solutrean Hypothesis's use.

*In Conservative Comebacks To Liberal Lies, 2006 edition, the writer, who is apparently unaware that code words are supposed to be in code and not incredibly obvious, claims that "Caucasoids" settled North America before "Mongoloids", and that this has been "covered up".

*You can find loads of far-right websites claiming that the the Solutrean Hypothesis has been 'proven'. One site has an article about it placed under the category "Human Biodiversity". That phrase is a well-known  euphemism for racism.

For a change of pace, let's see how darn easy it is to find a dog whistle in a Rush Limbaugh show transcript. From March 8, The Truth About Unemployment, here's a variant of Gingrich's "food stamp president" meme.

Yes, Obama's the reason.  It's his economy.  So the people who hold multiple jobs -- one or two, three jobs -- they are increasing.
Emphasis mine.

Another Limbaugh dog whistle?

We actually have a president who is seeking to benefit from inflicting pain and suffering on elements of the population
Emphasis mine.

That's all for this week; the next diary in this series will be published 6:30 ET March 30th.

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