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VA’s 80-bed mental health facility opened June 21, 2012, in Palo Alto, Calif., at a time when 2.4 million service members have deployed to war zones since 2001. The rate psychiatric injury among returning veterans is nearly 40 percent according to a 2009
I had an anonymous  email from a Kossack who saw this story and wanted it posted.
I just don't know why it is so hard for the VA to honor and listen to the whistleblowers rather than make their lives totally miserable.  Sen. Bernie Sanders, Patty Murray and a few others come to mind regarding this story.  I have not answered the email yet but I will post the excerpts and some of the story first reported at the Daily Beast.

This is outrageous and we must demand answers to keep these people in the system to look out for the vulnerable.

here is the link to the story
VA and whistleblower

The Department of Veterans Affairs routinely disseminated false information about the health of America’s veterans, withheld research showing a link between nerve gas and Gulf War syndrome, rushed studies out the door without taking recommended fixes by an independent board, and failed to offer crucial care to veterans who came forward as suicidal.

OPH never released any data from the study, or even the fact that it exists, Coughlin says. The VA’s official position on pyridostigmine-bromide pills, which the Department of Defense says Gulf War veterans took as protection against nerve gas, did not cause Gulf War illness. But a 2008 study by Beatrice Golomb at the University of California, San Diego, “thoroughly, conclusively shows that this class of chemicals actually are a cause of illness in Gulf War veterans.”
A former Veterans Affairs researcher turned whistleblower tells Congress the department repeatedly withheld data on Gulf War syndrome and neglected suicidal vets. Jamie Reno reports.
I never know where to start anymore with all of what is happening.  We have so much and if every single one of us posted and kept up with all the wrong that is happening we would not have time to even go to the bathroom.  

I want to thank the Kossack for sending me this info and I ask for you all to start calling your congresscritters and find out why this is happening and why the  media coverage is nonstop on  a puff of smoke coming from a chimney (black or white) is more important than these people who are dying at the mercy of neglect.   I guess we need someone to give last rites...That might explain why the never ending story of the Vatican instead of the mistreatment of veterans.  This is not to take away from the importance of selecting the Pope, but just a little info about whistleblowers would be nice.  Bottom line....We cannot count on the media to tell us anything but things that we will find out on any of the channels.  The truth of the state of affairs is somewhere between here and anonymous  emails and whisteblowers.


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