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Given how this went down in only 5 ballots, I am going to stand down from Def Con 1 (I WAS READY!!) and announce to Daily Kos there will be

NO Winerev Recount diaries for this papal election.

However, below the fold, I do have a minor rant to register.


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You see, I APPLIED for this job.
I sent in the resume as soon as I saw the listing on Monster.Com: (because every job in the world that is vacant is listed there)

      "Hopeful holy person who smiles a lot because he thinks Jesus did too. Housing, board, security and staff included with job. Must enjoy international travel.  

      Multilingual preferred. Working knowledge of Hebrew, Greek and Latin a plus. Strong preference for Catholic and male where not prohibited by Equal Employment Opportunity laws."

     OK, so I'm not Catholic but I had EVERY OTHER Qualification! C'mon, be realistic you people in the Conclave! There is no perfect candidate for a given job and except for this 1 TEENSY little detail I nailed the rest of it, Every modern employer needs to give on one or two small points to get a great fit for the job.
     Besides, if I would have made it to the first interview I would have pointed out if they went ahead and elected a Lutheran as Pope it would be a MAJOR step toward saying, "That last 500 years? Catholic vs. Protestant? We're willing to live and let live." This would have been FABULOUS for marketing! C'mon, homini! It's all about sales these days and this could have been even bigger than just picking somebody from this side of the Atlantic (which, need I point out, I ALSO have covered.)

But NO. Turned away again. I have to say I feared the worst last night. I knew it last night when I saw the black smoke go up. That was my resume and CV and letters of reference and high school transcripts and drug test results they were burning.... nuts!

Ok, ok. Back to practicing "Do you want fries with that?" in seven different accents.....

May the force be with you.

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