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Or at least that is the misleading title of many articles, based on the research of Anja Geitmann.  What seems to be more true is that sex for reproduction is not likely to work, basically because we evolved using Earth gravity.

Co-researcher Dr Youssef Chebli said: 'Thanks to the facilities at the European Space Agency I was able to determine how hypergravity and simulated microgravity affect the intracellular trafficking in the rapidly growing pollen tube.

Pollen grains attached to the stigma, the female organ of the plant used in the experiments

'We chose pollen - the carrier of the male sperm cells - as our model because of its pivotal role in plant reproduction and agriculture and because of its extraordinarily rapid growth, meaning we could observe the effects of the hypergravity within seconds.'


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What does this mean?  It means we may not be able to colonize the Moon or Mars anytime soon, not until we lick many, many problems.

It may mean that sex is OK if it's non reproductive, such as fertile women using birth control, or the coupling between genders that don't produce offspring.

It could lead to some preachers taking up the idea that we're supposed to stay on this planet.  I would not be sure of that, but I would argue that it gives us all the more reason to take care of this one, because those who were planning to move to new and very expensive real estate in other parts of the Solar System may not be able to get there.

Anyway, something for your imaginations on this day before the Ides of March.

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Originally posted to chloris creator on Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 05:02 PM PDT.

Also republished by Sex, Body, and Gender.

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