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Pi mathematical constant photo 200px-Pi-unrolled-720_zpsc86fcb4a.gif

Happy Pi Day!  Eight Ways to Celebrate Pi Day.  Teach your children about Pi Day.  Five Pi Day Videos.  It's the most, geekiest, time of the year.  Google Doodle.

The War on Pi Day.  Have some more.  Cobbler.  Tart.

Pi is irrational.  A decimal expression that never ends and never repeats.  A perfect Meta 4.

Am I making sense yet?  Good.

So last night was an example of my capacity for distraction.  I don't care to share.  I haven't given up yet on volunteers for next week.  I can pretty much handle the diaries but my attention will be elsewhere.  March Madness is upon us.

Tonight The Daily Show is from 2/19 and the guest is Alison Brie.  

Alison rates only the one segment, but Al Madrigal has perhaps his best bit ever while Jon blathers on about Chevaux and Meteors.

Next week's line up from Late Night TV is Monday Sandra Day O'Connor from 3/5, Tuesday Rachel Maddow from 2/28, Wednesday Steven Brill from 2/21, and Thursday Paul Rudd from 3/4.

The Colbert Report is from 2/20 with Stephen hosting David Goldhill.  His special guest was Alexi Lalas on corruption in The Boring Game (link here).

The part I especially liked was about herring though he too talked about pickled sheep brain.

Stephen's guests next week are- Monday Emily Bazelon from 2/19, Tuesday Jon Favreau from 2/28, Wednesdsay James Franco from 3/5, and Thursday Paola Antonelli from 2/27

The Stars Hollow Gazette/DocuDharma Digest

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

* On This Day In History March 14 by: TheMomCat
* Sheila Bair's FDIC by: ek hornbeck
* Punting the Pundits by: TheMomCat
* Congressional Game of Chicken: Filibuster Ain't Reformed by: TheMomCat
* Processing the President's Disdain for Due Process by: priceman
* Happy π Day by: TheMomCat

The Stars Hollow Gazette


* Late Night Karaoke by: mishima
* Muse in the Morning by: Robyn
* On This Day In History March 14 by: TheMomCat
* Bradley Manning Speaks by: TheMomCat
* Cartnoon by: TheMomCat
* We're not dead, we're just resting by: banger
* Happy π Day by: TheMomCat
* TV Dining by: TheMomCat


A reminder- busy, busy weekend.  We will not cover Selection Sunday though it marks the beginning of my grand research project on the 2012-13 College Basketball Season (Men's and Women's), but I'll doing the start of the 2013 Formula One Season (Australian Grand Prix Qualifying and Race Live Blogging) and we will have St. Patrick's Day special programming as well.

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