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Even before Scott Prouty revealed himself as the "47% Videographer" on The Ed Show last night, many Kossacks were expressing regret and remorse for how we handled the initial posting of his videos here. Folks have commented in several diaries about their desire to help him out as he leaves anonymity and enters the often ruthless public sphere. In fact,  David Corn at Mother Jones reports that the haters were already at his doorstep in Florida before he even got off the air.

After going public, I've received a flood of physical and legal threats in emails and tweets. People have found my address and have shown up at my door. It's possible I may have to move. And I've had to contact several lawyers and have incurred legal expenses. I might incur more going forward. I always knew that if I talked about this, I could become a target, and I don't want to be melodramatic, but some of the threats I've received do cause me to be concerned for my safety and that of my loved ones.
Scott has started a legal assistance fund to ask for donations to help pay his already mounting legal bills. He says that he will use any remaining money to go to Law School. If that doesn't happen, he plans to donate any remaining funds to the ASPCA or The Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights. You can donate to the "47% Legal Assistance Fund" here. Alternatively, Scott asks those who would like to help him to donate to the ASPCA or IGLHR. I think we all wish him the best of luck in all that he does in the future.

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Fri Mar 15, 2013 at  6:10 AM PT: Thanks everyone, for helping Scott by sending this to the rec list! His fund is up to 25% fulfilled overnight. Please continue to give as you can and let him know that DKOS would love to have him back. And let's accept that mistakes were made here concerning his initial posts and use it as a learning experience and move on in a positive way. Although we don't have a moderator, perhaps there is an appropriate group that could be alerted when inexperienced users attempt to break a big story here. They could direct the user to some DKOS rules of engagement so that they understand our etiquette and our minimum requirements of verifiability. At least then new folks would have access to tools to help them out as they see fit. In any case, go to Scott's funding page or Facebook page and give him some Kossack love and appreciation!


Contributors have gone from about 40 as of last night to almost 200 today! I know that the Orange Army has added many to that number.
Scott has expressed his appreciation on his 47 Percent Legal Assistance Fund;

Your kindness is overwhelming!
I'm doing my last ever TV interview with Alex Wagner today at 12:00pm then back to normal life. Thank you all again!
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