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Yet another one to file this under the "Entitled wanker doesn't get it"

But beyond that, the whole premiss makes me physically nauseous. Anybody that flings that horse crap is, by definition, a narcissistic entitled jerk with a dangerously weak sense of empathy.

If you're a white middle/upper class man, with no physical or mental disability, a citizen of the US, no serious childhood trauma, and access to education then in my book, that's the real definition of a taker.  You took every single advantage the world has to offer.  There is nothing in your way to achieving pretty much anything.  You are, literally, one of the luckiest people in the entire history of the world. You didn't earn that.

I should know, I'm one of them.

The deck is stacked in my favor, and my inherent advantage isn't my doing.  It's luck. Happenstance. I'm not better than anybody else, but holy crap am I luckier than most. Everything I have was easier to attain than it would have been for pretty much anybody in the history of the world.

These advantages aren't bad things. I just think that every child born should have access to them also. These things aren't zero-sum. If more people have opportunity and dignity, it certainly doesn't diminish mine. Regardless of race, wealth, physical ability, sexual orientation you should be able to live a life free of hunger, have access to education, justice, and pursue happiness in whatever way is meaningful to you.

And because of it, I work my fingers to the bone every single day to make the most of those advantages and give back to and strengthen the country I love, and those who weren't as insanely lucky as I.  And I sure as hell don't disdain those who haven't been given these incredible gifts.

But Walker, Romney, and the rest of this sick bunch don't get it.  They take silver spoon they were handed use it to eat caviar, and pat themselves on the back for what an amazing job they did opening the can.

How dare they.  

First of all, what the hell are these bozos making?  Oh I know! They're making the 1% even richer. They're making it easier for their buddies to cheat and steal, and get away with it.  They're making it harder to provide for your family. They're making food less wholesome, making our products less safe, making air dirtier, making our schools worse, making the burden on our elderly and poor heavier, and making a boat load of money doing it.

I have an idea of what they can take though.
A long walk off a short pier.


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