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Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
The Inoculation Project, founded in 2009 by hyperbolic pants explosion, is a group of Kossacks who gather weekly to combat the anti-science push in conservative America by providing direct funding to science and math projects in red state classrooms. Our conduit is DonorsChoose.org, a twelve-year-old organization rated highly by both Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau. Here's a little introductory video about DonorsChoose. DonorsChoose.org allows you to make direct contributions to specific, vetted projects in public school classrooms, resulting in tremendous and immediate impacts from small dollar donations. Each week, we focus on funding a single small-dollar project at a time, in a traditionally red state classroom and preferably in a high-poverty district.
Look for us every SUNDAY morning at 10 AM ET/ 7 AM PT.

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This Week's Main Project
Project: Calculators Make it All Add Up

Resources Needed: 15 texas Instruments Scientific calculators so these high school students can be competitive with their more affluent peers
School Poverty Level: High
Location: Lincoln School R2, Lincoln, MO
Total Cost: $335.82
Still Needed: $135.82 Completed!
Expires: Apr 08, 2013

Teacher's Comments from Ms. Fizer:

My Students: "I hate math" is the chant that I hear every day, every hour. My students don't really hate math, they are discouraged by the time it takes them just to complete one problem. Several new calculators would raise their morale exponentially!

Picture a small town in mid-Missouri, population less than 2,000. A place where it isn't uncommon to see a tractor rolling down the street, and the bawls of cattle can be heard from the front steps of the school. The students here are familiar with having limited resources, but sometimes get frustrated coping with the limited technology available to them at school.  

My Project:New scientific calculators would show my students that it doesn't take an eon just to complete one problem. They've practiced solving expressions, equations, and functions by hand countless times. Now that we are moving on to more complicated concepts, new scientific calculators will help them fly through problems that would have seemed daunting and near impossible. Students in various grade levels will use the calculators to speed through everything from simple addition and subtraction, to complicated trigonometric functions.

Your donation would help these young individuals realize that there are people out there who want to encourage students to learn, and provide the tools that would make education more enjoyable. Help my students look beyond the pastures and fields surrounding them, towards the bright futures ahead of them, and outside the confines of the small town they know.

 photo TIScical_zps8f74fb56.jpg

Donations of ANY size can make a BIG difference!
We try to focus on the main project until it is completely funded, and then move on to the bonus project. If a project doesn't meet its funding goal by its deadline, it dies and any donations to it are referred to their donors to be moved to another project. For that reason, we don't like to split our sometimes limited resources between two open projects. Of course the choice of project to which you donate (if any!) is entirely yours.
Bonus Project #1
When the main project is finished, let's work on this one.
Project: FFA Aquaponics

Resources Needed:complete aquaculture system with 55 gallon barrels
School Poverty Level: High
Location: Turkeyfoot Valley Area School, Confluence, PA
Total Cost: $547.87
Still Needed: $183.65 $173.65
Expires: May 16, 2013

Teacher's Comments from Mrs. Weimer:

My Students: Being a part of a sustainable world is our focus. My students are going to learn how to start and take care of a garden while utilizing our Trout in the Classroom as a biological filter and fertilizer system.

My students are an amazing bunch of people who are incredibly goal oriented and community focused. These kids are fabulous stewards of the earth and are always willing to learn more about science and the world around them. They have been incredibly motivated to take part in understanding and implementing our Trout Program, where we raise native brook trout to release into local watersheds. These learners attend a rural K-12 school district in mountains of PA, where we have just recently brought the FFA back to the area.

My Project: IThis project will really enable my students to understand how ecosystems work. Students will learn how to best utilize our trout (and the trout waste) to grow feed that can be eaten. Students will also learn how to start plants in an aquaponics setting and then transfer them to our Community Garden, where we will be raising crops to sustain some of our community members.

Donations to this project will make a huge difference in the lives of my students. They are very active and involved with the trout and would love to take our success with that program to a new level.

Donations of ANY size can make a BIG difference!


Last week's main project, Back To Basics, was completed. High school students in Texas will have the rulers, protractors and compasses that they need for measurements of forces, vectors and magnetism in their physics class.

You can see the teacher' thank-you note at the link above. Many thanks to all contributors!

As of Saturday night, this bonus project from last week needs $57.05 for completion. We will continue to chip away at it until it crosses the finish line.

Project: It's Simple.
Expires: May 12, 2013
When projects are not fully funded by their expiration date, donors are contacted by DonorsChoose and asked to choose another project to which to redirect their donations.

When projects are not fully funded by their expiration date, donors are contacted by DonorsChoose and asked to choose another project to which to redirect their donations.

See our list of successfully funded projects. We're up to 294!

More information:
DonorsChoose.org main page
DonorsChoose.org blog
DonorsChoose.org donor FAQ
All DonorsChoose.org math & science projects search results

We are in no way affiliated with DonorsChoose.org, or any of the classroom projects presented for funding.


You are welcome to use The Inoculation Project avatar as your DonorsChoose avatar if you wish. If you need instructions for uploading it to your DonorsChoose profile, you'll find them in this diary.

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Originally posted to The Inoculation Project on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 07:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by J Town, SciTech, and Dream Menders.

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