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Here's what's going on with me.

I own my home. It's paid for, so housing is not a problem.

I'm on food stamps, so I eat well enough.

I have a paid-for car, an old purple Saturn, but the gas in it is low. About a quarter of a tank as of this morning.

I've got a good bit of airtime on my Go Phone--about $23 worth. That's plenty for my purposes. I don't talk to anybody on the phone for fun. Phone's reserved for business calls only.

I have to be strict about rationing it, because you see, I (still) do not have a job. I have no cash at all right now, and while I qualify for food stamps (in CA it's called Cal-Fresh), there is no cash aid for an individual in my situation who is neither pregnant, nor disabled, nor over sixty-two. Moreover there are no minor children living in my home; I am childless and live alone, so I am out of luck on that score.

My unemployment bennies terminated in September.

Yesterday a neighbor said to me that it seemed to her the economy is on the upswing throughout the state ...except for Sacramento, where we live. Sacramento is lagging, she said, still in the doldrums.

Lots of strip malls in Sacramento. Lots of them standing empty, too.
I have a similar sense of things, alas.

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OK. Deep breath.  Innnnnnnn. Ouuuuuuuuut. All right. Let's get the hard, scary part out of the way first.

I'm posting this diary today because, once again, I need to ask for your help--and this time, for help of some specific kinds. Yes, I have received assistance from dailykos members before; a fundraiser was held for me back in November--here is the link to that diary. Unfortunately, as you might imagine, that money is gone. It went to keep the lights on and the water flowing--to buy laundry soap, bathroom tissue, and of course all manner of stuff for the furbabies. It was my intention to publish a Thank You diary upon becoming employed so that folks who helped me last time could feel happy and uplifted knowing their donation did good, out here in the hardscrabble world. But employment, much to my shame, has not happened for me yet.

But don't think ... don't imagine ... please don't conclude that because I'm not yet where I want to be, that it did no good. You all saved my life. I'm still here, still plugging, still hoping, still believing. It has not been easy, but I am surviving this ... this ... detour. I'm living and breathing and so are my animals. Where there's life, there is hope, right?

So. Without further ado. This is what I need for my animals now.

I have two cats (Bloomberg and Camoo) and one dog (Frances); if you can help us, I would be so very much obliged: for them I need canned dog food (no dry); cat food, both dry and canned; anti-itch shampoo & conditioner for dogs; flea & tick medication for both cats & dogs. Click here to go to my "Pets" wishlist on amazon.com; it's all there, including the amounts needed. I'm spelling it all out merely in an attempt to avoid duplication or any other confusions.

I also need $170 for myself, just enough to keep up the job hunt for another month or so. It breaks down like this: $70 to the water company; $60 to maintain my internet connection (I am pretty much SOL without it); $20 for antacids (stomach is chronically upset); & $20 for gas (so I can get to an interview in the event I am summoned).

twilithour@mac.com is the email address associated with my PayPal account, if you would like to make a donation. I won't accept a penny more than $170 in cash; any amount over that will be donated to Sara R. for quilt fabric. Needless to say I will be monitoring my PP account like a hawk. I'll be posting balance updates often, and will call a halt the instant I hit $170--if indeed I do.

I understand there are some legitimate concerns about scams on dailykos. Accordingly, I have wracked my brain trying to come up with some way to reassure folks who might look askance at my request and let them know that I am who I say I am, and that my claims are genuine. I managed to come up with but one, very possibly lame idea; still, it may be just the reassurance people need in order to feel comfortable with postings such as mine (and I don't necessarily mean would-be donors; I mean observers, too). So, what do you think of this? For the pet food and other pet items, I could scrub out each empty container and snailmail them back to the person who made the purchase. I would be happy to do this! I could do the same thing with the two bags of dry cat food and the other containers as well--send them back, when and as they become empty. As for gasoline, internet and water utility, I can fax or snailmail copies of the receipts. Heck, I can send copies of the entire bills. I'm hoping this extra measure (or any other that might be preferred) will help people be able to relax and at least know that anything donated to me has gone to the purposes I have stated, and no other.

Now for some potentially good news:  The neighbor mentioned above told me that her housekeeper is going to be out for a month, and that she would be pleased to pay me to do the work if I want a temporary job.

Of course, I told her heck yes I want it, and ever so badly, please! (She was sheepish about offering, and it occurred to me that many of the relatively well-heeled folks around me don't really know how scary and desperate it can get, when one is out of work, even while one is still properly housed.) Now, this was just yesterday morning, and that is all that was said. I gave her my email address; she has my phone number. She knows where to find me, and because she's not one to make frivolous or unserious overtures--at least I haven't known her to be that way--I'm guardedly hopeful. However, in the course of my adventures in joblessness, I have learned to count on precisely nothing until I'm actually in the game, doing the work.  

Besides, there are a half-dozen other, traditional (non-domestic) employment possibilities on the docket. I'm pounding the pavement, both virtual and actual, every single day. I've been trying to get work ghostwriting articles online (easier said than done; anybody got a tip how to bust in?), or even doing general transcription. I think I have it in me to be an awesome transcriptionist--I even have some experience in the field, though it was quite some time ago. And there really are legitimate opportunities out there for folks who type fast, who like to type, and who have more or less decent English grammar and spelling. The only real obstruction in the road that I can see is my laptop (keyboard) situation, which unfortunately is less than ideal. (I'm sparing you the details; you can thank me later.;)) A friend has offered to lend me a desktop computer, but for various reasons getting it to me is going to take awhile. But this is partly why I think I don't necessarily need to land a big, hairy career kind of deal right now (not to say any such monster is chasing me down--if it were I'd probably be whistling a different tune), but rather simply to earn a bit of money doing something or other. Then I can buy my own (likely used but that's fine) desktop computer, and with any luck be off to the races doing something I enjoy ... and doing it quite independently. Well, we shall see!

Meanwhile, here's my plea to all you Sacramentans and Central Valley Folks: I can type (like a maniac--80 wpm warming up), I can spell, and as you can see, my grammar isn't atrocious. I'm good on the phone--I can be a most cordial business ambassador--and I have many years experience in retail sales (particularly books).

Mad Typist
I like people, like to meet new people, love to smile and chat folks up. I'm warm, outgoing, multitaskish, detail-oriented (though I'm sorry to say my math skills are very much wanting), and have excellent references both personal and professional. I'm happy to work for minimum wage, full time or part, temp or perm, any hours, days or nights, swing shift--you name it--anywhere in the county. Do you have a job for me? Besides typing, I love animals, kids, older folks, and anything to do with books & literature; so if you've got anything for me along those lines, why, that would be grand. However, I am prepared to do just about anything--food service, maid service, complaint line at the used car lot, lol--provided, you know, it's legal and everything. ;)

Finally, I want to give a great thankful shout-out to the following dear kospeeps: glescagal and Nurse Kelley, who put together my fundraiser, and all the dear ones who donated to it; to lirtydies, for two batches of furperson food and much warmhearted good cheer (you rock, ld!);

and to N and S ... for everything. Hugs, loves, French nose-pooms [1] and MEGA BIG THANKS to alla yous guys.

12:49 PM PT: UPDATE Cash goal met! Don't send any more money! I do still need pet items, so if you're so inclined and would like to help out in that way, please click on my amazon.com wishlist, here. I'll warn you in advance, though, the items there aren't exactly cheap. In any event, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for tipping, reccing, or donating. You're all wonderful and I'm so grateful.

2:11 PM PT: UPDATE  All goals met. Thank you, kosacks, from the hearts of me bottoms. Now go have fun and play in the diary ;-D

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Originally posted to aitchdee on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 11:38 AM PDT.

Also republished by Community Fundraisers, Kossacks helping each other, and PWB Peeps.

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