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How much of a prophet was Eric Arthur Blair alias s George Orwell?  Who are the intentional destroyers of our economy? Are they our  own elected officials? Well, stay tuned because this article may answer that question for us!

PS: I did the painting from Michelangelo's Last Judgement in the he Sistine Chapel.


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Speaking of this and the last several Presidents, I have great difficulty understanding their opposition to Social Security and Medicare, which Obama has been since being elected, trying everything possible to diminish those Annuities and with them the population of the middle and lower classes, and trying to blame that on the Tea Party who actually agrees with him, but refuses to go ahead because their hatred of him exceeds their own beliefs. They want to kill those annuities to cause more deaths among the middle classes and the elderly, so there will be more of every and anything, for them.

Anyone who has an IQ above that of an avocado knows that neither Social Security nor Medicare are any part of a debt, they are as we all know an annuity. Even most semi-educated Americans know full well that there are many ways around the congress and their penchant for drama and having working people for lunch.

I used to wonder what this president has against the middle classes. Is it that those who bought he and his followers are super wealthy and that they seek vengeance for some real or imagined slight someone long ago laid upon our so-called leaders of both parties which are really one party?

Or is it that this president, like most of his Predecessors, is responsible for creations like the “Fiscal Cliff” simply because they/he hates people in general, and believes no one will see through his nonsense, because he thinks (though with some justification), that most people are stupid?  

Or far worse, is Obama a member or in $sympathy with the current worldwide movement prompted by the twisted thoughts of Malthus, M. Sanger, the Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Club of Rome, all of which seem to want a huge depopulation plan into progress, to begin with fraudulent your first term attempts at two commissions one of Freemasons, Knights of Malta, etc., connect into this Round Table web, Rothschild’s and Rockefellers, the Committee of 300 (founded in Britain in 1727), the Illuminati founded May 1, 1776), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in May 1919 as inspired by Woodrow Wilson and his professorial advisers and the Paris Peace Conference, 1921; headquartered in NYC), the Club of Rome (founded in Rome in April 1968, now situated in Switzerland, the Trilateral Commission (TLC) a creation of Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1973 with the further insistence of David
Rockefeller, the United Nations? The original group began meeting in secret at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Netherlands in 1954.

I mention these groups because few know about them, and so this president and the others, think all are clueless. We now know that Obama’s means of ignoring simple solutions is to never mention them believing that he is the only person who knows about them, when in truth he may be one of the few who does not know how many do know much that he does not. Below are a few examples.

There was no need to negotiate with the Tea Party, the 14th amendment, Article 4, as I stated in Obama's first term, was effectively used by Harry Truman, but Obama “chose not to” sounding more like Marie Antoinette than an American President. He was a scholar, he must know the origin of the words of the Tea Party, even if some of them do not. They are mimicking the words passed back and forth in the era from the 1920’s to the 1940’s in Germany. Why he, as a president of the once greatest social plan ever conceived, wishes to respect such a disgusting and satanic idea to depopulate the planet may soon no longer be a mystery. That is not why we elected Obama. We elected him to be rid of the New World Order, which is Nazi/Fascist in origin and instead he carries it on seemingly with gusto.

All of the president's talk seems to those whose insight is lacking, to be Progressive, but all of his actions are the opposite. Your actions are much like those of the villains of the TV show Criminal Minds. During the election we heard nothing from him but jobs creation. Since then all we hear is immigration and gun control. Either he does not know how to create jobs or does not want to. The solution is fairly simple, simply place excise taxes upon all outsourced jobs and imports. Set the excise tax at 5% - 10% above the price of American manufactured goods and the 31 million unemployed or underemployed will soon be fully employed.

The Hitlerian Plan was and remains the key of those not blessed with the extraordinary reality of kinship with the Almighty, but are instead jointly related to everything which is the opposite of Goodness. However, Hitler was neither the first nor the last to plot such horrors.

It takes an incredibly high intellect to trudge through the falsity of various and erroneous “religions” now clouding up the minds of those trying to sort out the truth about why this planet’s peoples are so not in the likeness of the “god” they claim to worship, because none of the current religions have clue one as to what God actually is and means. Precious few of us are allowed such grace, and fewer still are able to recognize those who are so Chosen, because the layperson’s view of “morality” is twisted by the minds of people who lived so long ago and those whose comprehension of human sexuality and its key component, consenting adult behavior, is near zero most often induced by damages done to them by parents, leaving them damaged and having neither clue one as to a relationship to God.

I refer to THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV, Chapter 5:  The Grand Inquisitor by Feodor Dostoevsky below.
In a nutshell, In Chapter 5 Dostoevsky has the older gay brother tell the younger one who is going to be a priest, a story in which that returned healing and raising the dead and the 92 year old Cardinal visits Jesus who he had jailed to tell him he is interfering with the plan for planet earth and tomorrow they will crucify him again, and Jesus grabs his face and kisses him on the lips. At that moment the cardinal-who is the Grand Inquisitor sets him free and threatens him to never appear again on earth
Jesus promised to return within the generation of the apostles but there is a mistranslation of his meaning.

God sends Prophets and governments, corporations and the above entities and religions demoniacs, kill them off. This last is a homage to another great man who just died.

I maintain that whenever Jesus returns, they kill him again as they tried to kill Chavez, and did kill Lincoln, tried to Kill FDR, did Kill JFK, etc. Perhaps Jesus did come back in spirit in all of the above and more.

However, the goal of the societies I mention above is to maintain world population at about 90% less people than now exist, leaving about 500 millions which means that all of the cuts to pensions, salaries, Social Security, Medicare, health care, job creation, and allowing a 9,000% profit on gasoline are all predicated upon driving the least wealthy out of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The evil ones want the weapons people need, as Jefferson suggested, to protect them against their own nation turning upon them. Getting your guns is a part of the plan to, within the next 25 years, eliminate 5.5 Billion people from this planet. Not exactly what I would call God’s plan, how about you? Such an action is a decision God would make, if He thought it necessary, and so far he has not.

Personally I think several of our last presidents, have been bought since childhood by people whose twisted minds are nothing more than a reflection of the Hitler of WW II and are against the heroic people of our past, from Moses through Jesus, the Founding Fathers, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR and JFK.

Let me be even more clear, anyone weak enough to take cues and wealth from the above mentioned Satanic forces, is all at once a weakling, a coward and a traitor, and was present in mind if not in spirit with the assassination of Jesus, and is thus, an antichrist supporter and you know where they will end up. I can tell you that it is a place that the wealthiest war criminals will be visiting, but not as guests like Dante’ and Vergil.

I support trade unions, political education of the popular majority including their social rights to free health care (ala Jesus) as does Sweden and nearly 95% of the 180 nations on this planet, as well as free higher education, living wages and full employment.

During the moments after 9/11/01, I recalled a childhood nightmare of Nazi Tanks rolling bumper to bumper, down my street, heading north, are now in progress. Mr. Bush’ speech about a “New Kind of war” (an endless one), right out of 1984,  recalled that dream and that very night my dream was of a massive message of symbolism in which what appeared to be many billionaires, some from Germany, but with names that did not sound German, along with group of degenerated racist Sick minded European “Royalty” disturbed by interbreeding, alcohol and worse, along with a demented American Billionaire, a follower of Malthus and M. Sanger, and a disturbed minded old fool, whose lifetime is pushing 100 years, whose father dropped in his lap a lifetime of wealth funded by drilling, and others whose parental horrors, made them into new Hitler’s, and thus the ‘War on Terror’ was a fraud and told me that 9/11 was manufactured by American insiders of the above groups to begin the slow murder of billions of people in their goal of a Radical Rentier Worldwide State consisting of less than 500 million people, a reduction of 90% of those now living.

It would begin with fraudulent wars against sovereign nations as excuses to destabilize them murder a massive number of them using the very terrorist groups of mercenaries of which Bush insisted Al Qaeda was one, but would be hired by him or the next administration to act as “Loyal Rebels Against a terrorist dictatorship”

The dream showed me that this public declaration of unilateral military intervention and endless wars against sovereign nations, movements and individuals deemed as adversaries, in violation of international law, Geneva Accords.  

Soon in America, and around the world these Clubby, soulless, completely evil beings adjoined to the above organizations would create out of mid-air Horrific debt (which in essence was a fraud in and of itself since the US, like other nations in its history was only out of debt four times in its history and seemed to do very well.

Here in America the slaughter of the middle classes would be a part of the worst humans of both parties, celebrated by the media that to the twisted minds of the “lawmakers” endeavor to convince first the least informed and most intellectually deprived people that the firing millions of people, cutting the wages, and pensions, and medical care and creating sequesters, allowing gasoline prices to rise beyond belief, at the same time cutting interest gained on savings to near zero and giving that money (at 5% - 7%  totaling $385 billions to $545 Billions, along with the Fed’s draining of $27 Trillions to those same criminal banks by buying their toxic loans (which they should have gone to jail for creating), at $40 billions to $85 billions every month, creates the wealth of Croesus' and King Midas,  of Pessinus in Phrygia, would not only make their wealth impregnable and kill of millions by their lacking healthcare and funds to sustain their lives and then short the number of guards on our southern borders to allow “Terrorists” which the governing wealthy paid to begin the national slaughter and destabilization beginning with Arizona, while they were telling the people that was a good thing to boost the economy . and create jobs which is like giving everyone a Shot containing pure anthrax will help them avoid it

One does not fight terrorism by creating a nation  surreptitiously, which supports and feeds “terrorism” to other nations by financing the very terrorists it claims to be fighting (which has ALWAYS existed) as some new phenomenon, but one, which that or those nations are creating elsewhere as practice to turn the attacks upon their own people US! To do that, however, they need to take away the guns of every living American. You can bet and win that right now.

The very idea that all democrats and republicans except a few endorse this slaughter and can still mention God, proves they are the fulfillment of my ages old nightmare of an imperial doctrine of ‘The different kind of war, a war on terror’ is thus defining western state terrorism as a pernicious equivalent to Al Qaeda terrorism, and is a s much a twisted satanic idea as taking away jobs, interest on savings, allowing ridiculous gas prices, destroying pensions and healthcare (did you know that America is one of the very few nations which allows health care, and student loans to be a profit making thing?) , Vampires abide in America now.

You don’t fight terrorism with state terrorism’.  In his defense of the sovereignty of nations and international jurisprudence, Chavez underlined the importance of political and economic solutions to social problems and conflicts – repudiating the use of bombs, torture and mayhem. The Chavez Doctrine emphasized south-south trade and investments and diplomatic over military resolution of disputes.  He upheld the Geneva Accords against colonial and imperial aggression while rejecting the imperial doctrine of ‘the war on terror’, defining western state terrorism as a pernicious equivalent to Al Qaeda terrorism.

Then there is the fraud of debt. In fact, in the history of the largest nations on the planet, in less than 5% of the time have never been without debt.
The difference between personal/individual debt is simple; to some it seems, complex. I could explain it to some people, but I cannot comprehend it for them.

Government Debt is never paid in cash, but in a snap of a computer key, and it can be erased in the same way. Mr. Bernanke hasn't clue one about the debt as he has blown $27 Trillion dollars on buying up toxic bank loans at a rate of $40 Billion to $85 Billion a month, thus throwing jillions down the drain, as he quotes Milt Friedman incorrectly on purpose. Friedman, when he coined QE, said as I have said for years, "Drop the cash out of helicopters on the people, not on the bankers…”

The way out of debt is the $1.2 or the $50 Trillion Platinum coin. Give it any value you want, and use it to cover costs. Why? Because Bernanke is stealing the interest from citizen savers, just as high salaried CEO’s are stealing from their shareholders, conspiring with board members who vote them ridiculous Compensation packages despite the reality that the last several IQ studies examinations show that CEO’s average IQ is far less than those of: Professors, Scientists, Architects, engineers, Artists, Sculptors, Physicians, Movie directors, Actors, writers, Football coaches, Military Officers, High school teachers and many, many others and often by 25 – 50 points difference.

A very wise old CEO told me that a frog could be CEO of a modern corporation, and the company would do as well or better than under the CEO, so good are the workaday staffs layers below the CEO.

Keep in mind that the position of CEO in America is decided NOT BY Shareholders from which they “Legally” steal any Compensation Package  (COMPAC)above $1.5 million a year, but in many cases, most cases, judging by the increase in their COMPAC’s do so by having CEO’s of other companies serve on their boards who will return the favor- “You give me a ridiculous raise and I will sit on your board do the same for you-all.”  That sort of behavior is what the Mafia did, to which the application of THE RICO ACT put an end, but so far no one has filed such a crime against CEO’s and board members, just as Home Values have been inflated by appraisers, “$sympathetic” to builders and bankers have never been indicted.

We are, since FDR’s death, watching his invention, the Middle Classes, disintegrates at the will of those stealing enormous wealth from the working class with the full cooperation of many Governors, mayors and legislators.

Keep this in mind also, people who accuse others of being “conspiracy theorists” rank even far lower than CEO’s in IQ, living sans the knowledge that in the history of humankind there has never been anything accomplished at any level without people planning, conspiring to do so. No single thing has seen its future created some grand accident. No bankers profits, no Mafia, which now consists of untouchable corporations capping the president’s arrogant words, “Too Big To Fail”, among the most evil words ever spoken what he did not say is the full and frightening reality of those carefully coded words, which meaning really is, “Too big to arrest and indict” .

America had, in 2008 been seeking a Messiah, a Second FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 2008 was a key point in the evolution of America now being retarded by greed and the renewal of Fascism and Nazism.

We thought we were electing a man who at this point in time was needed to become the second FDR. Instead we got the third and worse Bush, and maybe someone, something, much, much, worse. (And I voted for him the first time around, but not the second, I voted 3rd party and will from now on until we get a second FDR, with a New, New Deal, or a Second Passover.) But that is all up to you. Are you a person of prayer? Of action, action such as fasting, sacrificing? If so, some of this horror in our future may be saved. Problem in America right now is that most people, most, not all, do neither, and God is not about to help those who do not ask and act for HIS intervention.
Good Night, and God Bless.
PS: Do you like my painting based upon Michelangelo's Last Judgement?

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