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Now there are retrospectives on what went wrong in Iraq.
10 years in Iran.
11 and a half years since 9/11.
But the seminal event - 12+ years since the Supreme Court hijacked the country.


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Lest we forget - a time line description from the UK's Guardian from 12/14/2000 (Link)

December 12
The US supreme court rules for Mr Bush, halting recounts of disputed Florida presidential ballots ordered by the Florida supreme court, after concluding in a 7-2 vote that the decision violates the US constitution's protections of due process and equal protection under the law. But the supreme court splits by a 5-4 vote along ideological conservative and liberal lines in deciding that new recounts should not be ordered to remedy the problem. Democratic National Committee Chairman Ed Rendell calls for Mr Gore to concede the election, although he later says the vice-president has "every right" to review the decision.
We went wrong when we laid down our democracy to the Bush v. Gore crowd.

7-2 the Constitution was violated.

But 5-4 that it is OK to violate the Constitution.

The 5 Supreme Court Judges who removed the will of the people: Rehnquist, O'Connor, Scalia, Kennedy, and Thomas.

Since then, Rehnquist has passed on; O'Connor retired; the other 3 'winners' are still screwing up the country.

Their decision was the triggering event setting into motion 9/11.  Remember there were ignored warnings given to President Bush two months before the airliners flew.

Had the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the will of the people - we would have had a competent executive at the helm to continue hunting bin Laden.  Was Bush looking for him before 9/11 (remember bin Laden was involved in the first World Trade Center Attack as well as the USS Cole)?  It didn't look like he was looking for him afterwards.  We were sold on Iraq to avenge 9/11.  And the media bought it.

Al Gore, the choice of the people, would have taken the job of President a heck of a lot more seriously than 'W'.  Would Al Gore have been that stupid to destabilize an Iraqi regime that was already bottled-up?  It is fair to say NO.

Bush sat in the Oval Office because the SCOTUS put him there.  Those five have uncredited blood on their hands.

It is also on the hands of then-DNC Chair Ed Rendell who threw the towel in on Al Gore instead of fighting and rallying our population.  Gore was still fighting for the office when Ed Rendell pulled the rug out from under him.  

Vice President Gore could "review" the decision?  

Seriously, how does Al Gore continue to fight when he has Benedict Arnold off-script telling the troops to go home?  It should have been Gore's decision, not Rendell's, to give up the ghost.  Talk about your # 1 National Wussy.  (It is the height of chutzpah to brand the rest of the political system a bunch of wusses when Rendell withered in the breach.)

But nothing ever seems to haunt these people.  We get to see Fast Eddie on MSNBC.  Retired Justice O'Connor yucks it up on late night TV with Jon Stewart. She must be hawking another book.  Justice Scalia talks about usurping Congress with respect to Voter Id laws.  Justice Kennedy, who knows? Justice Thomas, well forget him.

I guess it is OK if the media wants to flail at itself and talk about what questions should have been asked up to the Iraq war.  But the exercise would be incomplete without a survey of the media's role in the 2000 debacle and what punishment they meted out to the players back then.

If the Media can hound Congressman Weiner out of office because of his cell-phone photography or The Dixie Chicks can be branded as unpatriotic for years for speaking their minds; why are these other people still players?

As we look at the retrospective of the 10 years of blood spilled, it wasn't just the selling of the war that got us here.

It was the outright theft of the government in 2000 that killed our people and the people of Iraq then bankrupted our nation.

And the Media stands by silently absorbing and absolving.

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