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Here's a list of our Democratic Senators who are voting for Bill # S.Res.65 that urges the USA to provide military and other support, if Israel should ever decide to attack Iran. On their own that is. Cool. Isn't that a great idea guys? Go Bibi Go! Don't even ask, we got your back!..... Signed, the following Dems:

Alaska --------- Mark Begich (D)

Arkansas -- ---  Mark Pryor (D)

California -- --- Barbara Boxer (D)
                       Diane Feinstein (D)

Colorado------- Michael Bennet (D)

Connecticut----Richard Blumenthal (D)

Delaware-------Chris Coons (D)

Florida----------Bill Nelson (D)

Hawaii----------Mazie Hirono (D)

Illinois----------Richard Durbin (D)

Indiana---------Joe Donnelly (D)

Maryland-------Barbara Mikulski (D)
                      Benjamin Cardin (D)

Michigan-------Debbie Stabenow (D)

Minnesota-----Amy Klobuchar (D)

Missouri-------Clair McCaskill (D)

Montana-------Max Baucus (D)
                      John Tester (D)

New Jersey----Frank Lautenberg (D)
                      Robert Menendez (D)

New York------Kirsten Gillibrand (D)
                      Charles Schumer (D)

N. Carolina---- Kay Hagan (D)

N. Dakota------Heidi Heitkamp (D)

Ohio------------Sherrod Brown (D)

Oregon---------Ron Wyden (D)

Pennsylvania---Bob Casey (D)

Rhode Island---Sheldon Whitehouse (D)

S. Dakota-------Tim Johnson (D)

Virginia---------Mark Warner (D
                       Tim Kaine (D)

Washington-----Patty Murray (D)

W. Virginia------Tim Manchin (D)

Don't it make you proud as all hell to be a Democrat? Way to go team! Any Kossacks still wondering how we got railroaded into the Iraq war? Well right here's your answer, in these names, ready and rarin to go at it again. Never mind the warmongering Republicans who sponsored the damn bill, we got plenty of Democrats here, chomping at the bit.


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But wait a minute -- I thought these folks were supposed to be on our side. You remember, the anti-war side? Did I get something wrong here? Did I get my signals crossed? Yeah well they're Democrats alright... you can tell by the letter. And they sure be a lot of them.... but better Democrats? Ummm.....you got to wonder.

Unless you want to bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran. WMDs take two, yabba dabba doo, Hollywood get the cameras ready, WaPo get your journalists in line, we got lots of Democrats waiting for prime time. National Security boys, it's all about National Security. Judy Miller, where'd you go to? Hope none of you Senators threw your flag lapel pins away.

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