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I've been sharing this idea I'm about to describe below and although many people agree with it in theory, I think we now have an opportunity to test it in practice by starting with a very worthy cause: Funding the recall election of Joe Arpaio.  This should be worthy cause for any freedom-loving progressive around the country.

For a little bit of background about what motivated me to write this diary, please visit Mother Mags diary: Arpaio recall broke, deep-pocketed Dems don't step up.  Once again, it provides a real portrait of courage by the Democratic party establishment--NOT!

Here's my proposal to every single progressive and social justice activist around the country: I envision the formation of a very powerful and well-funded progressive front capable of taking on the corrupt ALEC-funded government that's chipping away at our economic security and our constitutional rights on behalf of corporatist paymasters hellbent on subjugating the population.

This organization would have four objectives:

  1. Launch a public education (counter-propaganda) campaign with the intention of reaching every single American around the country.  This would have to be a 24/7 relentless and very professional, focused, and strategic campaign.
  2. Launch an initiative to fund the formation of employee-owned businesses around the country.  This initiative will also have a very strong emphasis on spreading unionization to very corner of the country.
  3. Launch an initiative to fund sustainable housing and food collectives around the country.
  4. Fund targeted and strategic campaigns; they could be political, like the removal of Joe Arpaio, or informational in support of progressive initiatives.

Here's what I'm asking people to do: I'm looking for ten volunteers to form an initial leadership committee.  There are many people here at Daily Kos whom I've followed their work for years; people that have earned the respect of the community.  It would be great if ten of them would step forward and volunteer to be the first ten-member leadership committee to serve one year.

Once the leadership committee is formed, it would follow up by drafting a preliminary vision and mission statement and share it with the public.  To get the organization going, it would set up a crowdsourcing campaign.  It seems to me that kicking off this "concept" by reaching deep into our viceral feelings for the sheriff, could be a good catalyst to get this going...

Don't worry; I'm not overlooking all the possible legal requirements like properly registering the organization, issues related to management, etc.  We'll address all that stuff, contact lawyers, etc., and do everything properly.

Regarding this idea, the most important aspect would have to be this: It shall always be non-partisan, grassroots, and independent.  The eventual bylaws should include provisions (checks and balances) to avoid any one powerful organization (political, union, establishment progressive groups with strong leadership ties with the Democratic party) to ever be able to co-op it.  Finally, no one person should ever be able to benefit financially in any way from this organization.

Imagine this: Millions of people funding this organization helping grow a huge "war chest" which is then used to fund (responsibly) employee-owned businesses around the entire country (helping create millions of good-paying jobs); helping address two of the biggest issues the middle class (and vulnerable sectors) deal with: food and housing; and engaging in a 24/7 counter-propaganda campaign to educate the public and to counteract the effects of the corporatist-funded propaganda we are being exposed to on daily basis.

I know, I know; I don't think this has ever been done before.  But so what?  It's not that complicated.

Some people have expressed concerns about me wanting to foment a peaceful revolution using my moniker, Ray Pensador.  I'm not concerned about that.  If I were to see something like this happening, even without my involvement in a leadership committee, I'll be fine with it.  

If people think this is possible, I'd be glad to play the initial role of "evangelist" of the concept, and once it takes off, step aside and see it grow.

If as you read this a little voice keeps telling you that it would be impossible to set up something like this, I argue that that's the result of conditioning by the propaganda we're being exposed to 24/7.  Here are my impressions about this: (1) How Billionaires-Funded Propaganda is Unraveling The Country; (2) The reason the population is acting irrationally, and what to do about it; (3) The Power Elites: Understanding How They Control The Citizenry.

As soon as I publish this diary I'll reach out to some people and see if they would be interested in being part of the first leadership committee (which will rotate yearly).

If you guys take a couple of steps forward, we could get this going fairly quickly, starting with the worthy cause of unseating the sheriff.  I told Mother Mags that I would do this, so here I am.


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