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When I was growing up, in my (very big) family, we wrote poetry to one another. Sometimes funny, sometimes angry, often heartfelt and loving, always entertaining. I have been so overwhelmed with feelings during these last few days regarding Jane Doe and what life must be like for her...I resorted to that which is so familiar to me. I wrote her a poem. It really does no one any good for the poem to sit on my hard drive unshared. So, after much deliberation (mainly out of fear of getting either ignored or eaten alive) I have decided to post it here. I am not a professional poet. I am just a person who has a history of self-expression through poetry. And my heart is breaking for Jane Doe.


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I don’t want to know you, and that is good
I know your family is there.

I will send my love, my hope, my courage from afar
And hope you hear my prayers.

I have read the news of the horrors that transpired
The callous brutality of that night

It leaves me
So, so sad

But wait! – It’s just a partial tale
Because it’s happening to you still

Via talking heads, comments and tweets, the callousness continues
And still against your will!

 Images from that night keep flashing on the screen
Assaults, without your memory, haunt you in your dreams

“Didn’t you hear? She was drunk!”

“Those poor boys, their lives are ruined.”

“It’s all her fault! This is how she is!”

(There are other comments, much worse than those
I will not utter them here)

Let me tell you, dear girl, what you are
I do not have to know you to know this:

You are a child, an adolescent, a beautiful young lady
You are your parents’ baby

Your favorite childhood teddy bears and toys
Have not entirely left you

Perhaps they have even been there for you
During this time, to turn to

You’ve filled your parents’ hearts with such joy
And you do that for them still

These terrible assaults do not define you!
And they never will!

Time will heal, trust me please
And love, it will prevail!

Your destiny is so much more
Than this sordid tale

I am in awe of your bravery,
your honor and your might

Your testament is your willingness
To fight for what is right!

My dear, I don’t want to know you,
Because I want to give you space

And if, by chance, you can’t hear my prayers,
Here is what they say:

Find your power, Find your center, Find your goddess!
And live!

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Originally posted to AmBushed on Tue Mar 19, 2013 at 12:56 PM PDT.

Also republished by House of LIGHTS, Indigo Kalliope, and Rebel Songwriters.

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