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I'm not much good at writing Kos style diaries, but I do have a few questions regarding the Ashley Judd senatorial bid.


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First, am I wrong in the impression that when Ms Judd's name was initially linked with the Kentucky senatorial campaign, it was because Senator McConnell (despite his obvious drawbacks and vulnerability to challenge from within his own party) was considered unbeatable by the Kentucky Democratic machine?

Second, why has no one else stepped up to the plate?

Third, while Batman or even Lassie would be preferable to McConnell, what would a conservative, establishment politician have to offer America as a whole in terms of reform or progress?

Fourth, if Ms Judd is a "carpetbagger", what's her bag?

Fifth and finally, if voters (especially those from the bible belt) are so ignorant, stiff necked, and foolish as to vote against their own interests, what good is there in appealing to their wants and needs?

For clarity's sake, I reiterate.

To begin with, my impression is that McConnell was thought a shoo in until the Tea Party turned on him and began to grumble. Ms Judd's name somehow became associated with a challenge to him and only then did Kentucky Democrats begin to speak seriously of opposition. If Ms Judd herself started a bid, dipped her toe in the waters so to speak, was anyone else paddling about or even lying on the seriosity towel near the edge of the pool? And if so, what did they have to say and when?

Next, who else? Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky State Attorney General and former Governor Steve Beshear have been mentioned but we have yet to hear from them as to their intentions. Beshear and Lundergan Grimes represent a feud that started between Beshear and her father, Jerry Lundergan, battling for control of the Lexington district representation in the state house. Is this a job they want or are they just upset as to who's next in line for more power? Is there anybody else in serious contention? And even if so, do they think they can beat McConnell, or are they merely emboldened by the thought that they can beat Judd, the outsider?

Third, what does it profit the  Democrats to have another blue dog potential turncoat in times of need? Democrats couldn't do anything remotely progressive even when they had a supermajority in Congress. What good is a gutless political party to an America in crises? Already labeled the "party of can't", how many voters vote against Republicans rather than for Democrats? When will the party stand up for something rather than the same old, same old?

Almost done, what's in it for Ashley? Fame? Fortune? She already has those. Folks criticize her for living in the the far distant and foreign country of Tennessee, thus she is convicted as a "carpetbagger" come to exploit innocent Kentuckians of their wealth, rob them of the joy of topless mountains and poisoned streams, steal food from the mouths of miner's orphans. Not only does she support women, she is one herself. Worse yet, it is a known fact that she can read and write. She has even (gasp!) been to college). No wonder decent Kentuckians should shun her. We hear daily of her failings from both right and left. Her motives are suspect, so there must be some truth in them. Why else would she expose herself to the condemnation of the righteous if not for personal gain?

Finally, it is a well known myth that some people are simply not worthy of the right to make up their own minds because they do stupid things. Perhaps the Republicans are right and this great republic has no business messing with non traditional values like democracy. Who are we to question our own prejudices when those who don't seem so very successful? Simple folks of simple faith can't be trusted to know what is right. Decency and truth must be complex and difficult to discern, why else would we need professional politicians? Surely there are numerous studies by highly paid experts proving what we already want to know. Why take a chance on articulating truth in a straightforward and honest statement when a well fashioned lie or subterfuge can accomplish so much more (i.e. win the vote). If it is true that the common man cannot see through political deceptions, wouldn't it be foolish not to employ them? Is the fault in the messenger, or in the message?

Last but not least, regardless of everything said, why should anyone trust Ashley Judd? So many politicians have failed to live up expectations, is there any reason you can think of that this woman might be any different?

I submit these questions in hope of obtaining answers, in hope of stimulating discussions, and mostly in hope that together, we can do more than take pot shots at reality from a solitary point of view.

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