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Yesterday, Max Myers, a longtime Assemblies of God pastor who for six years, until May 2012, ran the Global School of Supernatural Ministry (GSSM), that teaches homosexuality can be caused by demon possession, launched the public relations phase of his long planned (since 2011, when he filed papers) campaign to become Pennsylvania's next governor, in the 2014 election. GSSM is part of the Mechanicsburg, PA-based Apostolic Network of Global Awakening.

Along with John Hanger, Myers is one of two candidates who have so far entered the Pennsylvania Democratic primary, to be the PA Democratic Party's gubernatorial nominee in the 2014 election. Myers kicked off his PR campaign, on Monday, from a major Philadelphia LGBTQ community center.

You can learn more about Myers' extensive involvement in the dominionist movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation, from researcher Rachel Tabachnick, here:


In a podcast of a Myers sermon, published February 13, 2012 by the Mechanicsburg-based ministry (eight miles from Harrisburg), which candidate Myers headed up to last year, pastor Myers described his vision for the autocratic "supernatural leadership" of churches:

[50:03 into podcast] "Supernatural leadership doesn't sound very democratic...

Theocracy is not democratic. Theocracy is not about voting. One more time - theocracy, theocracy - God government - is not about voting. He's not concerned about polling everybody to see what they think."

While it is important to note that Myers was talking specifically about theocratic governance within churches, not within secular society, writing from Max Myers' 2009 book The Tail That Wags The Dog: A Journey Towards Supernatural Leadership suggests Myers' theocratic vision may extend to other sectors of society, and even to entire nations.

On page 36 (Kindle edition), Myers explains,

"God wants to lead and guide His people, personally, through individuals of His choice. We have a term for that kind of a leadership relationship: it’s called a theocracy. Most of us are familiar with the term. Theocracy means "God-guided"."
Later, on page 49 (Kindle edition), Myers writes,
"In this generation He is looking for men and women like you who will impact the nations through supernatural theocratic leadership."
On page 44 (Kindle edition), Myers writes,
"It’s time for us to end self-rule. It’s time to relook at God’s original design for how His kingdom is to be led.   It’s time for a new style of leadership. It’s time for a new type of leader. It’s time for supernatural leadership."
Discussion of the term "theocracy" appears on 17 different pages in Myers' 120 page book The Tail That Wags The Dog: A Journey Towards Supernatural Leadership. A text search of the book, on the terms "theocrat" and "theocracy", produces 31 different references.  

[video, below, showcases Max Myers' statements on "theocratic leadership"

correction to the video: Max Myers headed, for six years, the Global School of Supernatural Ministry (GSSM) of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening (ANGA), not the Global Awakening ministry itself.]

While political observers consider Myers' gubernatorial bid to be a long shot, the religious right's church-based, "stealth" political campaigns have been upending received wisdom since the late 1980s.

In the 2008 election, one such effort came uncomfortably close to giving America a vice president who was "in the kingdom", and the religious right's extensive influence over the GOP establishments over more than a dozen U.S. states, and its increasing dominance of the Republican Party, is a matter of public record.


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Originally posted to Troutfishing on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 04:47 AM PDT.

Also republished by DKos Pennsylvania.

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