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Rubio drinks the water and Rand hints that he needs to pee.

According to nbcnews.com, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are already unzipping their flies and seeing who can go further for the gold in 2016.

Of course nbcnews.com uses a far less adolescent metaphor here. According to nbcnews, Rand and Rubio are "jockeying for '16 spotlight."

Whatever. The point is that there's potential for Rand Paul to play Rick Santorum to Marco Rubio's Romney in 2016. Are you ready for the GOP presidential primary to once again turn into a circular firing squad as Ms. Clinton steps smoothly up to the Oval Office?

I sure as hell am!

More below the orange blob. It's not santorum! Don't worry!


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Of course when it comes to Rick Santorum, no one can out-santorum Santorum! Whether it's pee or santorum coming out of a member of Congress, the verbal diarrhea is dazzling to behold. As Santorum himself has said on a number of occasions:

Well, that's not an exact quote. Still, just to whet your appetites a bit, here's a little something Santorum santorummed about a year ago:
This is not a political war at all. This is not a cultural war. This is a spiritual war. And the Father of Lies has his sights on what you would think the Father of Lies would have his sights on: a good, decent, powerful, influential country—the United States of America. If you were Satan, who would you attack in this day and age. There is no one else to go after other than the United States, and that has been the case now for almost two hundred years, once America's preeminence was sown by our great Founding Fathers.
Whew! Heady stuff! God bless Rick Santorum, y'know? Let's hope he throws his hat back in the ring in 2016 as well!

Still, if anything can knock Santorum off-kilter, it's a conservative opponent so bad-ass that he approves of campaign workers curb-stomping women! Man, even Rick Santorum only curb-stomps women in a legislative sense.

So what do you think? Is Rand Paul crazy enough to play the role of Rick Santorum in 2016? Well, here's a dandy little quote from Rand Paul in 2011 where he equates Universal Health Care with slavery:

With regard to the idea of whether you have a right to health care, you have realize what that implies. It’s not an abstraction. I’m a physician. That means you have a right to come to my house and conscript me. It means you believe in slavery. It means that you’re going to enslave not only me, but the janitor at my hospital, the person who cleans my office, the assistants who work in my office, the nurses.
Damn! That's some nice, fresh crazy right there!

I dunno about you guys, but I'm ready for Rand Paul to be our next Rick Santorum in 2016. What do you think guys? Are you ready to Stand with Rand?

C'mon guys!


.... oops, I think I just linked that to Emily's List. Oh well. Support them too :-)

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