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Okiciyap 2013 Quilt~ DK Quilt Guild
Okiciyap 2013 Quilt

The Okiciyap Quilt Auction for 2013 has concluded.  DK Quilt Guild and Okiciyap (we help) Group dedicated six months of creative quilting and three months to planning to produce the three weeks of writing in support of The Okiciyap Food Pantry and Youth Center.  It is time to acknowledge those who took a great idea and delivered.


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We begin at the beginning with the DK Quilt Guild.  It was their idea to assemble the blocks and create the quilt to support Okiciyap.  How could Okiciyap Group say no?   They wanted to auction it off the way they had done the previous year for Netroots for the Troops 2012.

Block #1 by Florene

 photo Screenshot2013-03-24at95023PM_zps5066f5a3.pngBlock #1 is called Blackford's Beauty, and it is a classic block.  I chose it because I liked the bold looks with the cross and the star, and it looked like something I could accomplish.  It is made up of scraps from my fabric stash.   I wish I had something more personal or interesting to contribute, but this is it!

Melanie in IA took the lead, asking quilters to contribute blocks and choosing the common colors.  The blocks were sent to her and she chose a beautiful background color and put the whole top together.
Block #2 by Pam from Calif
My Okiciyap block was the simple Pinwheel. The Pinwheel block is an old quilt block that dates from the 1790s. I wanted to incorporate all the colors of the Okiciyap Logo, which is why most of the triangles are different colors. I chose the Pinwheel block because it seems very joyful & fun to me. It reminds me of the summer pinwheel toys from my childhood. I would love to spin it and watch it rotate. In many of my designs, I incorporate the Pinwheel Block.

At this point two new streams emerged;  Melanie sent the top to BeadLady to have the work quilted, and glorificus and I started to plan for a series of diaries to raise awareness of the auction and the pantry.

Block # 3 by frosti


 My quilt block #3 with the totem pole was my first attempt at piecing.  I was inspired to try because at the museum where I am a docent we had an exhibit of southern strip quilts.  I really had not used a sewing machine for over 35 years.  Given the rusticity of these strip quilts and the incredibly good artistry nonetheless, I thought I could do it.

Where I live, there are two quilt stores with incredible choices of fabric.  I found the totem pole fabric, and I used it to represent the Pacific Northwest.  I am not Indian, but my husband commissioned a totem pole for one of my birthdays and he also bought a mask from a Makah 18 year old who was learning his tribe's cultural background.

I chose the black and yellow fabric to represent basketry, the black, red and white fabric to represent the stars and heavens, and the yellow floral motif on white to represent variously, the sun, a warm place, wheat and plenty, and to me, it looked a bit like a dream catcher.

Glorificus and I split the work, we would seek a dozen writers each, to post in support the Quilt Auction.  We desired and achieved diversity; our writers told of Native American issues, quilting, the Okiciyap Pantry and its founder, Georgia Little Shield, who was also known as Eagle Wings Woman.  

Block #4 by kitchen table activist

I'm one of the quilters that donated a quilt block for the Okiciyap quilt - my block is the second row, left block - or "The Four Directions" block, as Aji so eloquently described it.

The block pattern I chose is called the Goshen Star.  I selected that pattern because the prominent cross reminded me of the Okiciyap logo's central symbol - four hands, coming together from all directions, in unity.  Reflecting that symbolism seemed appropriate for this project since many hands, from many directions, united to create this beautiful quilt.

I'm a novice quilter; in fact, the first quilt block I made was for last year's NFTT quilt.  Participating in these group efforts is abundantly gratifying, especially for a beginning quilter.  While it does take some time and effort to make one individual block, it's wondrous to see the final "big picture" and how your "piece" fits into it.  I'm very thankful to be a part of these great group projects, and thank my fellow DKQG members for the opportunity to participate.

A big struggle was writing "Rules for the Auction".  With many edits, questions, polishes and some luck, the rules seemed to hold together, even though none of us had done anything like this before.

Block # 5 by Melanie

This block was the last one made, after I'd received all the others. My block needed to create white space for BeadLady's dreamcatcher quilting, and to harmonize with the others. My bigger role in assembling the top was to create a whole, where before there were just pieces. Our voices together are louder and more eloquent than any one alone. We are better together.
We created a new group for the auction; the Daily Kos Quilt Guild Auction Alliance.  The main purpose of the group was to insure that we could update people about the bidding  by sending a groupmail to anyone who wanted to join the group.

Block # 6 by glorificus  


I had the horse fabric (from Laurel Burch's Dancing Horses collection) which I love, but could not settle on a pattern. I was even considering just putting a border around 11 square inches of the fabric, there are many more colorful horses in the pattern.  I was talking to my sister, telling her of the palette of colors, and she suggested a nine-patch. So that's what I did.

We got the brilliant constellation of writers we had hoped for, and then we got more writers!!  We had some folks contact us to write, and some that were willing to write more than once!  It was an amazing group that came together for the pantry, and the range of topics kept everyone reading and commenting! Special thanks to Pam from Calif, who kept us updated with links to previous posts in every diary, and dropped links in every open thread she could find!

Pam's List:

Block # 7 by leu2500


LOL!  I relearned the truth of “Measure twice, cut once.”  And that if “It’s not a mistake, it’s a design decision” doesn’t exist, it should.

My block is a 9 patch, and it’s supposed to finish at 12 inches, which means my sub blocks should finish at 4 inches.  But somehow when I went to cut fabric I cut for 3 inch sub blocks.  So I’m sewing along, thinking how much easier this is than that year.  And I’m also thinking: this seems small for 12 inches.  I go to square up: it is small for 12 inches, it’s only 9 inches!  What to do?  I could remake, but that seems a waste of fabric.  So I decide to add a red border.  Only I didn’t add enough allowance for strips bowing.  

My block is still  too small.  By this time my words are getting really choice.  So I add a 2nd border, extra wide to allow for bowing and squaring up.  And that’s the story of how the star block I planned to make became a “star in the cabins" block.

We assembled the calender, and slowly but surely the series of diaries to support the quilt auction grew. Some days we actually had two writers, doubling our opportunity to reach everyone with our Tale of the Okiciyap Pantry and the "Little Quilt that Could".

Block # 8 by vtgal


I am happy to help in such a worthy cause. The dresden plate block is made by hand sewing called applique. First, the pieces are sewn together by machine. The "plate" is arranged in the center of the block and the outside edge turned under and sewn by hand. Finally, the center circle is applied in the same manner.

I was inspired to do this medallion-type block after seeing the circular patterns of the Okiciyap symbol.  The quilting is beautiful and emphasizes the circular swirls of the design.

The bidding was fast and furious in the very first diary, so fast indeed, that many who wanted to bid were left behind when the dust cleared.  So a group formed, and then another and then another, and each of the groups organized themselves around a heart of gold. Originally bidding against each other, the auction turned into a huge matching challenge with everyone on the same side, donating to support the pantry.

Blocks # 9 and #10 by winifred3


I did the Darting Bird square.  The reason I chose that design was because it looked very much like a stylized Thunderbird, which is a powerful Native American symbol of strength.

I also did the Nine Patch, which I chose because of the strong four quadrants imagery combined with the center square. In my mind, this design symbolizes how we move in all directions while being part of a central larger whole which is symbolized by the center square.

(Note: Many thanks to my friend JekyllnHyde for writing up special coding for these two blocks.)

The group that eventually submitted the highest bid was Quilt Matching Fundraisers. They issued a challenge to the community to match them for the $3000 they were willing to bid, and the people here at DailyKos came through.  They made their match on Thursday, April 4th .  But, the Auction wasn't set to end until Sunday April 7th.

Block # 11 by Proud of My Bleeding Heart


The thing about a contribution quilt is that the individual blocks have to bring life by themselves.  Very little interaction with neighboring blocks, no different perspective up-close vs. far away, so the design is of utmost importance.

The key aspect of the block that captured me was the way the arrowheads chased each other around the block.

I was so pleased to see the quality of each of the blocks, the layout and in particular, the quilting.  I'm proud to have been a part of the effort and hope it brings in a large contribution.

Like any good team, the Quilt Matching Fundraisers group kept at the task of raising donations; looking for another $1000 to help the pantry.  Suddenly, out of the blue, another challenge; An additional $1000 was pledged (including $500 for the Children's Library) if the total for the auction was $9000 or more.  A new challenge:

Block #12 by Embee


I was happy to contribute to this quilt and thus to this cause. My block is #12 (lower right hand corner),

 I'm not sure that I was thinking of any particular meaning when I chose this block - I was looking to challenge myself while contributing to a good cause, but perhaps I unconsciously chose a star.  I find myself drawn to star blocks - I recently made a baby quilt full of wonky stars and called it "Reach for the Stars".  I think of stars as that goal, slightly out of reach, but well worth striving toward.  

The block was also a challenge for me color-wise, as these were not colors I would have thought to use, but I was pleased with the result. And the whole quilt is beautiful, thanks to all the other quilters who contributed blocs, Melanie for putting it together and BeadLady for her wonderful quilting.

We were now inspired to work even harder!  More beautiful diaries were published to keep up the momentum, and finally on Sunday, Okiciyap group waited with the DK Quilt Guild members to see if anyone would top the estimated high bid of $6600+.  
The outstanding quilting by BeadLady brings the quilt to life.
For those who may be curious as to how this was quilted, I have a 10' frame with an industrial type of sewing machine that has a 26" neck. I can use a computer system hooked to the machine head to do the quilting (so nice on the ole' body) or stand at the frame and move the machine to make the designs myself. This quilt took approximately fourteen hours, using both the computer and doing what is called "free-motion quilting," or my moving the sewing machine. I call it dancing in creativity!

The quilt top and back are made from 100% cotton. Thread used was also 100% cotton. The batting is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. I'm noting this in case anyone has an allergy to wool, etc. The quilt is 50" wide x 64" long. It's a nice, cozy quilt ready to snuggle under as a lap quilt or it can also be hung on the wall as a wonderful art quilt. BeadLady

While it would have been amazing for any individual bidder to bid the quilt higher, no one, not even Glen the Plumber, (h/t GtP, serious prognosticator!) stepped forward, and when the gavel came down at 7:10 p.m. CDT, the Quilt Matching Fundraisers  were declared the winners of the Auction!

           ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥  

From navajo for the Quilt Matching Fundraisers Group

>> What a fantastic accomplishment by the DK Quilt Guild, this particular project managed and led by weck, Pam from Calif and team. I'm so glad we could go way beyond the original estimate of the value of the quilt. Our final numbers are not only a measurement of the true value of this amazing quilt but the true value of this community who rallied and donated such an astonishing amount of money to the Okiciyap Food Pantry.

My next plan is to put up a diary gathering names of all who donated during this quilt auction. I'll be ordering an engraved plaque dedicating the quilt to Georgia to honor her vision of creating this fine service for her community. All the names we collect will be printed and mounted to hang next to the quilt and the engraved plaque. I think it will be uplifting for the Okiciyap team to see the extensive list of names of the Kossacks who care about them.

My next effort will be to make travel arrangements to attend the Okiciyap Wacipi Powwow in August, to present the quilt in person to the food pantry team along with the engraved plaque and donor names.

On behalf of the original team members of Quilt Matching Funders; Meteor Blades, belinda ridgewood, Shockwave and myself, we thank this generous community for matching our bid and beyond to contribute to a very worthy cause.

-navajo <<

           ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥    
From betson08:

I just wanted to leave you with this: Georgia Little Shield was a big deal in her community because she has helped so many people during her life.

This year Isabel's pow wow is in her honor:
2013 pow wow photo okiciyappowwowfinal_zpsf6592961.jpg

            ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥    ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥  
My personal and warmest thanks to our writers, experienced and novice, who helped us to keep the Okiciyap quilt in the hearts and minds of the readers.  Every day there was something to learn, photos to see and great conversation in the diaries.  

Please give a virtual standing ovation to Aji, BeadLady, betson08, Dave in Northridge, Denise Oliver Velez, Glen the Plumber, glorificus, GreyHawk, Grizzard, Horace Boothroyd III, leu2500, Meteor Blades, mimi, mollyd, navajo, nomandates, One Pissed Off Liberal, Pam from Calif, Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse, peregrine kate, radical simplicity, Smoh, weck, winifred3, and ZenTrainer.

It is important to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of GreyHawk, betson08, Beadlady, broths, nomandates, mimi and Pam from Calif for all the behind the scenes work; each of them added a special extra effort to keep the auction on track!
Keeping the shelves filled.
The best reason to have a pantry in Isabel
So how do we measure the value of such a quilt?
Okiciyap added a new fundraising widget, WePay, during the auction, and final total there was  $7162.84.  PayPal was what we started with, and approximately $3000 was donated to Okiciyap using PayPal.  Additionally, many people sent checks directly to the pantry. There was at least $1800 sent by check, and undoubtably some were still in the mail. We made the match for the pantry and the library.
Eleven thousand, Nine hundred sixty-two. Dollars. For Okiciyap,  from you all.  This is the value you all have placed on one special quilt.  $11,952.  For food, and supplies, and books for the children's library.  For hundreds of residents of the small community called Isabel in South Dakota. For the volunteers at the Okiciyap Food Pantry and Youth Center, who know that their helping efforts can continue and expand.  For Cindy and Emily and Amy and Krista and Pansey, the members of the board who manage and direct the volunteers and do whatever it takes to keep the shelves full.  And always, for Georgia, Eagle Wings Woman, whose vision of a Food Pantry in Isabel has inspired us all.
This was a hard diary to write.  My heart is full and my eyes are puffy.  I thank you, the beautiful democrats, liberals and progressives of Daily Kos, for your unending kindness. You all know who you are; whether you gave your time, your recs, your words or your coin, all of those things came together, like the pieces of a quilt, for the remarkable event known as the Okiciyap Quilt Auction.  


     {{{{{Daily Kos Community}}}}}


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Originally posted to Okiciyap (we help) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 at 01:32 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos Quilt Guild Auction Alliance, Community Fundraisers, DK Quilt Guild, Positive Intention and Lovingkindness, and Barriers and Bridges.

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