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Original Post HERE.

Today was a very eventful day for President Obama in Israel. He visited Gaza albeit with rockets being launched into Israel from Gaza. He then gave a major speech in Jerusalem to an auditorium filled with cheering university students where he provided encouragement and tough love to both the Israelis and Palestinians. After that speech, the President was awarded the Israeli’s Presidential Distinction Award, the highest civilian award in Israel and the first sitting President to receive one.

As he was getting this most distinguished award, both CNN and MSNBC covered the event live. This should have been a patriotic moment for the country. In accepting the award the President even said he accepted it on behalf of the American people. Fox News was not covering this event. I was compelled to tweet on this as follows in real time.

Tonight however Rachel Maddow coverage of this snub was epic.

After that big speech that was so well received by that huge Israeli audience in Jerusalem, President Obama was honored at a state dinner. He was awarded the Israeli Medal Of Distinction which is the highest honor a civilian can receive in Israel. He is the first sitting President to ever receive this award. Israeli President Simon Peres said to President Obama quote “The people of Israel are particularly move by your unforgettable contribution to their security”. He called President Obama, Dear Barack.

So that was what was happening live in Israel. CNN and MSNBC are carrying it live showing the President of the United States receiving this medal at this big state dinner in a foreign country… Fox News channel however is pretending like it is not happening. They’re talking about repealing Obamacare…. We are all watching as the Israeli president is saying to President Obama, “I know that you would not stop striving for a better world. What was running on Fox News instead was a commercial for their new special on President Obama as an enemy of Israel…

COMMERCIAL: Obama:  The State Of Israel will have no greater friend than the United States. Narrator: But with a friend like Obama are Israel’s enemies gaining strength. Sean gets expert insight on a special Hannity.

That is what Fox News was telling its audience of American Conservatives instead of showing this, happening in Israel. in real life, in the actual world at that very moment, They report, you decide.

Fox News is a clear and present danger to America. They are no different than the propaganda engine used by dictators and the Oligarchy in the third world. It is the same tactic used to demonize Hugo Chavez and other leaders that are attempting to bring real democracy and access to success for the masses and middle class.

Fox News is mostly responsible for much of the gridlock, bad policies, citizen misinformation, and the driver of citizens that vote against their own interest. While the remainder of the mainstream media is not  as blatant in their servitude of the American Plutocracy, they also have blood on their hands.

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Originally posted to ProgressiveLiberal on Fri Mar 22, 2013 at 09:29 AM PDT.

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