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I have to admit, I really really like Dennis Blackmon.   He hit the blogosphere when he passed judgment on the big big bank who thought they were too big to sue..and now comes this Sex offender who had to stand in front of this judge.  

There is a ray of sunshine in Ga.  There is some justice in the west part of Ga where I hail from and there is one honest judge named Dennis Blackmon sitting on the bench.

I have seen this man up close and personal when he ruled on our custody case.  I feel he should be sitting on a Federal court somewhere,  and I hope the administration is paying  attention because this guy would be on my short list to a Supreme Court Appointment.  He is not shy about opinions.

The latest of his cases is about a case and sex abuse on children.  The judge sentenced him to 1000 years.  

Former TV33 owner Peter Mallory was sentenced Tuesday to 1,000 years in jail.

Mallory was convicted in December on charges including 60 counts of sexual exploitation of children. Troup County Superior Court Judge Dennis Blackmon sentenced Mallory to 20 years for each for the first 50 counts of sexual exploitation of children to be served consecutively, a total of 1,000 years, with a concurrent sentence of five years for each of the last 10 counts.

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The Article from LaGrange

More here

Judge Blackmon has a poker face like none I have ever seen.  When this judge gives an opinion, it almost takes you by surprise and then it is no holds barred.   He is very good at giving his opinion and I have never read where one was not deemed fair and thought out.


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Despite the pleas from Mallory’s family and friends for leniency, Blackmon sentenced Mallory to the maximum sentencing of 1,000 years.

He appeared angry as he read the statement.

“The defendant may have believed because of his race, economic status and his standing in the community that no police force would arrest him, no prosecutor would pursue him, and no jury from Troup County would convict him,” Balckmon began. “He was mistaken.”

Blackmon went on to describe how the case came about when the LaGrange Police Department officers alerted that Mallory signaled to the entire world that he had hundreds of images and video containing the “filthiest and most disgusting child porn that one might imagine” coming from an IP address at his TV-33 station.

Read more: LaGrange News - Full story Mallory sentenced to 1 000 years

The area the judge is presiding in, is small town, mostly white, and according to the judge's statement and my own observations the defendent could have thought he could get away with this crime and he would  be mistaken . To me, Judge Blackmon as good as said, " Hey you counted on good old boy country, and you are wrong, Mr. Churchgoer.  This guy was a big wheel and a church leader and educator.  Right now he is sitting in a jail for eternity.  

We really should submit Judge Blackmon's name to the Obama Administration should a supreme court opening arise.  The last I heard Dennis Blackmon was a republican.   This is one republican I have much respect for.   Justice should know no party.  Did I mention this judge is a decorated veteran?

 Of course the opinion that meant the most to me was keeping one little girl safe in this household from a crazy woman.  He had his strong opinion on that as well.  

The US Bank decisionJustice

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