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Well apart from being an Un-American, socialist fascist atheist that is..and apart from him being the cutest damn bunny..

I'm saving the Talibangelicals from deeply pagan influences and thereby prevent the dechristianization of God's greatest country.

How do you like them apples.....hmmm...colored eggs?

Would American Jesus approve?

You betcha...after all who wants to explain how hermaphroditic hares are related to the Virgin Mary to the children?

OMFG it's the Gay Agenda all over again!

It could even be pagan fertility rites. Hares, eggs and virgins without a stake to burn them at? Totally untalibangelical!

Spring, oh noes, save the children; break out the abstinence pledges!

Making Easter bunnies in chocolate....hmm...aphrodisiacs....put a ring on those fingers now!

Hence holding the Easter Bunny hostage I am protecting America from sexy times, and God Damn Fox for fighting for the Sodom and Gomorrah that might result if he is freed.

How dare the Easter bunny be made to lay springs eggs when everyone knows he lays goddamned EASTER EGGS!

Gosh this is getting weird I'll let Bill O take the reins.

But the war on Judeo-Christian tradition continues on in some public school districts. In 10 days it will be Easter Sunday. But in some schools you are not allowed to say the word "Easter." On Long Island, the East Meadow school district, holding a Spring egg hunt -- not Easter eggs, Spring eggs. Same thing in Prospect Heights, Illinois. Manhattan Beach, California. Flat Rock Elementary School in South Carolina, and a school district in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. No Easter.
God bless all our colored Easter Eggs!

God Bless America!

And no messing around in the bushes!


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